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Octoman is a representative of Takora, a planet currently at odds with the Milky Way Space Federation. The confrontation between the Federation and Takora grows more tense and drawn out by the day. The Takoraians are surrounded by enemies and are in a very unstable economic state. Due to this, Octoman wants to win the Grand Prix so that he can pay the education costs of his children. He plans to contribute the rest of his earnings to the government of Takora to give it hope for the future. A racer in the Grand-Prix, Octoman is a humanoid octopus creature with six arm-like tentacles and two leg tentacles. He pilots the Deep Claw, an F-Zero ship specially designed to accommodate his unusual body type. His race, the Takoraians, are at odds with most other sentient races and tend to be arrogant about their advanced intelligence. Octoman has a rivalry with Jody Summer.

Deep Claw

In the anime-inspired games F-Zero: GP Legend and Climax, Octoman is forced to join the Dark Million in order to keep the creditors at bay. His machine has since been improved by Zoda making it one of the fastest machines on the circuit. Since then, he has been one of his low-life cronies aside from Baba, The Skull and Bio Rex.

Not much is seen aside from Octoman being a minion to Zoda, excepting the episode, Octoman's Dream. His Takorian clan has visited Earth and many fans of his want to see him race; they never knew he was working for an evil organization, hence why it forced Rick Wheeler to treat him differently as ordered by John Tanaka. He actually won that race as every one of the F-Zero machines have been totaled in a piled-up accident, though he only gives the prize money to his Takoran fans as a sign of hope, but rather since they'd wasted their money on snacks and causing some havoc.

In the end, Octoman has been seen dreading over Zoda as he was the last-minute entry in the 2207 Grand Prix and the new leader of Dark Million.

Other video games

Octoman's clans' ship

Octoman appears as a boss in Star Fox Command. A minion serving the Anglar Empire. He is an octopus-like creature that generally pilots a standard fighter ship capable of resisting Venom's acidic sea. He acts as one of the base bosses on the final mission on Venom. He taunts his foe for being absolutely crazy to think that they can defeat the Empire. He's also quite the hothead and known to make stupid threats, often swearing 'by his eight tentacles'. He is, however, defeated anyway.

During the Ending 1 or 4 paths, Octoman defeated Slippy on Aquas. He then was somehow able to brainwash Slippy, forcing the toad to battle against his allies. During the battle, he piloted his Octopod ship and hid in various pods throughout the battlefield. Once he was defeated, Slippy returned to normal. In the Ending 7 battle, it turns out he is Zako's superior and although not present for the battle, taunts Slippy and Amanda regardless.

Octoman appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a spirit in the Spirits Mode.

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