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Mrs. Arrow is a former F-Zero circuit model and a pilot who races alongside her husband Super Arrow.


Mrs. Arrow was a former F-Zero circuit model sometime before the events of F-Zero X, and was notably the first former circuit model to become an F-Zero pilot. However, her F-Zero career began before F-Zero X, as stated by her previous experience in the manual.

Queen Meteor

At some point, she became the wife to Super Arrow, becoming his partner against evil such as Zoda.

By F-Zero X, she and her husband entered the Grand Prix with matching machines (the Queen Meteor and King Meteor respectively), both of which were based on Mrs. Arrow's old machine from her past experience as a pilot. Although, Mrs. Arrow had entered to assist her husband, who had no experience as a pilot prior to F-Zero X, as Super Arrow had to sign up for an F-Zero license on the spot.

Mrs. Arrow strives to defend her husband, Super Arrow, in and out of the home. Despite her love for her husband, she can come off as the more dominant of the two, as Super Arrow fears her to some extent. She also has control over his finances. She does state that the two may fight, but their relationship runs on trust.

F-Zero GP Legend

Mrs. Arrow in the Anime

In the anime universe, Mrs. Arrow's counterpart has a slimmer build, and appears more supportive of her husband. The only tradeoff is that she has become a little incompetent as a result, often being as helpless as Super Arrow.

Humorously, she is referred to as a "horrible wife" by Super Arrow's robot owl Zook.

Pilot Profile Movies

Your baby is so adorable!

The audience loves you, Mrs. Arrow! Especially your husband!

She first appears as a cameo in Captain Falcon's profile video, "Close Call!". Her baby somehow gets stuck on a train track with a locomotive coming. Luckily, Captain Falcon saves the baby from being run over and gives him to Mrs. Arrow. She also giggles after Falcon's pants rip.

Mrs. Arrow later stars in her own profile video, "The Charm of Mrs. Arrow". In it, she poses attractively in nothing but a pink bikini in front of a large crowd, and Super Arrow, who cheer her on. She also flexes and makes kisses motions, causing the score bar to quickly rocket to the top. This causes the gray people to try to fight for the pretty woman, with Super Arrow trying to fight them as well. Mrs. Arrow turns around with a smile on her face. She, for some reason, is much tanner than normal.

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