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Mrs. Arrow is the alias to Monique L’amoreaux, a pilot who races alongside her husband Super Arrow.


Mrs. Arrow was born into a wealthy family on Earth. Her father was a powerful businessman in neuroplastics and her mother was vice president of the Milky Way Federation when she was born. Since she was an only child, she was surrounded by servants and her parents encouraged whatever interested her. One such interest was F-Zero; also she received an excellent education in music and linguistics.

Queen Meteor

She met Super Arrow when he was searching for the underground racers to recruit for the revived Grand Prix. Monique fell for Super Arrow and the two wed. At the time Super Arrow had acquired a new arch-rival in the form of Zoda. Monique, now simply called Mrs. Arrow, joined Super Arrow as a racer, though she dedicates her talents more to assisting her husband in the race rather than winning herself.

Mrs. Arrow in the Anime

Mrs. Arrow strives to defend her husband, Super Arrow, in and out of the home. She entered the last F-Zero race to assist her husband, who had no previous experience as a pilot. An F-Zero circuit model before marriage, she was the first former circuit model to compete as a pilot.

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