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Mr. EAD is an android who competes as an F-Zero pilot in the F-Zero tournaments. He makes his debut in the series in F-Zero X.

Physical appearance

Mr. EAD is an android resembling a muscular, yet heavily-built man. His facial features include thick eyebrows, perpetually closed eyes, and a thick mustache. Two antenna-like objects extend from the sides of his head. Mr. EAD's body is entirely clad in a white jumpsuit, save for his face. This jumpsuit has an emblem with "EAD" emblazoned on it on the right side of Mr. EAD's chest. He wears red gloves and boots, with a metal band wrapped around his left wrist. Mr. EAD wears small, blue underwear and a metal belt around his abdomen, which has a star-shaped buckle in the center and an object to his left side.


Mr. EAD is an android created by the mysterious development group EAD. His objective in this Grand Prix is to complete the final testing phase for his IQ and AI programming. After his run on the last F-ZERO Grand Prix, he endured many trials: combat training, spy activities, college exams and many others. If all of his capabilities function as calculated, there should be nothing that can keep him from winning the Grand Prix. His victory will signify the birth of a flawless Android. His favorite food is Italian.

Great Star

His creators entered him into the F-Zero X Grand Prix as his final testing phase to see if his programming was finally complete. When Captain Falcon instead won the Grand Prix, Mr. EAD was put into further training. He was entered into the F-Zero GX Grand Prix the next year. His creators believe that if his capabilities function as calculated, nothing should keep him from winning - which will signify the creation of a perfect android.

In many ways he is similar to Nintendo's mascot, Mario; he has a mustache, a star on his belt, and likes Italian food. Also in F-Zero GX, during an interview, he claims that he wants to wear overalls every day, which is a reference to Mario as well.


Mr. EAD's Anime counterpart works in the Elite Mobile Task Force as a promising mechanic and F-Zero pilot much like Dr. Clash. Everything he experiences is inside his memory core, as demonstrated in the episode Dangerous Diva; in which Kate Alen stole his memory core and found out the true intentions of the Task Force; drawing Zoda out by using her. This also displayed that while EAD is a robot and has been used by others, he doesn't mind the treatment since he knows through his programming that they're still his friends. He even feels for Kate's singing, even though his memory was wiped clean after he saved Kate's life. However, he was repaired by Clash. There was even one episode, Coffee Break in which he won his first F-Zero race.

It is heavily implied that there is some level of mutual romantic attraction between Kate and Mr. EAD's anime counterparts.

Pilot Profiles

So many Mr. EAD's!

In "Mr. EAD's Baking Class", Mr. EAD starts his class by mixing the filling while dancing suggestively. He dabs from frosting onto the cake batter, then juggles a few strawberries (eating one as well). When he finishes making the cake, the camera pans to reveal many Mr. EAD clones. They all proceed to take a big bite out of the cake, getting most of the frosting on their faces. Mr. EAD dazes humorously, followed by all of the clones eating the rest of the cakes, causing him to daze out again.

This profile video heavily resembles Princess Peach's cake baking segment from the Nintendo 64 game Paper Mario.


Main Continuity

  • Mr. EAD's vehicle's stats are E, A, and D.
    • In his F-Zero GX interview, Mr. EAD states that his name comes from his machine's stats.
    • The name Mr. EAD and the stats are most likely a reference to Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development (Nintendo EAD).
  • The star on his belt buckle bears a striking resemblance to how stars appear in the Mario series. EAD's face also has many similarities to Mario.
  • In SSB4, he has a Trophy with data saying that the EAD organization he was created from was described as evil; this was probably an error as the organization was never mentioned to be used for villainous purposes.
  • Mr. EAD also appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a spirit.

Anime Continuity

Something is kinda peachy about this...

  • In Falcon Densetsu, Lap 21, EAD dresses up in a costume similar to Princess Peach from the Mario franchise.
  • In Falcon Densetsu, Lap 40, Bart said Mr. EAD is based on Dr. Shigeru Kyupon who was actually nicknamed EAD. The android, however, was created on November 16, 2201.

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