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  • Age: 37
  • Sex: Male

Originally the Gazelle was a photographer of 3D pictures where he earned a lucrative career on the pictures. In his off time he would play video games with kids from his neighborhood. He had always been particularly good at the piloting games and decided to try the real thing. Surprisingly enough he soon qualified for F-Zero races and began racing in them alongside such legends as Captain Falcon and Dr. Stewart.

A sad twist to his luck was his near-death in the Horrific Grand Finale. He was nearly killed and the only way to save him was to completely rebuild him into a cyborg. Cyber Stick, inc. rebuilt him from the ground up, leaving little of the man he once was. When his fiancé came and saw him, she was so horrified by the cyborg implants that she ran from the hospital in tears and he never saw her again.

With nothing left in his life, the Mighty Gazelle announced he would return to the Grand Prix after it had been changed to the F-Zero X. His participation has caused many protests, possibly due to the unfair advantage his mechanical parts give him. Mostly though it is because he has once again become a legitimate contender for the championship. Despite his increased skills, he still lost to Captain Falcon in the first Grand Prix of F-Zero X. He has since spent his time analyzing his past races to fine-tune his reflexes.

Living only for F-Zero, he ignores the complaints of those who oppose his race participation -- no protest would make him skip a race. Because he is a cyborg, he has been able to polish his racing skills without fear of death. Through analysis of his past races, he has fine-tuned all of his reflex-related components.

Racer #00
Rick Wheeler
Clank Hughes
Racer #01
Mighty Gazelle
Racer #02
Jody Summer
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