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Michael Chain is a gang leader and bodybuilder, who competes as an F-Zero pilot in the F-Zero tournaments. He makes his debut in the series in F-Zero X.


Michael is the head of the racing clan known as the Bloody Chains, whose membership up until a few years ago exceeded 10,000 members. He enters the F-ZERO to showcase his skills and to represent the entire crew, but his efforts failed.

Racing was always a part of Michael's life, even before he was an F-Zero pilot. When he was young, he would often outmaneuver police cars in stolen vehicles. It had always been a part of his life in the gang he joined after his parents were killed in a drive-by shooting. In the gang it was a constant competition for attention - he got his from being the best at racing. So good, in fact, that he is the leader of a racing clan known as the Bloody Chains in the city of Angelopolis on Mandrill 4.

Wild Boar

Wild Boar in F-Zero GX

At the group's height, it contained 10,000 members. Michael joined the F-ZERO circuit to represent his organization and his entry was funded by the organization. His lack of wins has caused a lot of members to leave and the organization's membership has drastically decreased. If things continue the way they do, it's rumored the group could dissolve in the next several years. Because of this, he's gotten more aggressive on the track. Oddly enough, he listens to a combination of Heavy Metal and Opera while racing, because it reminds him of his parents.

Other Appearances

Michael Chain makes an appearance in the anime F-Zero: GP Legend voiced by Tomoyuki Shimura in the Japanese version, while in the American dub he is voiced by Dan Green.


  • Michael Chain is a possible reference to the boxer Mike Tyson.

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