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Michael Chain is a gang leader and bodybuilder, who competes as an F-Zero pilot in the F-Zero tournaments. He makes his debut in the series in F-Zero X.


Michael is the head of the racing clan known as the Bloody Chain, whose membership up until a few years ago exceeded 10,000 members. He enters the F-ZERO to showcase his skills and to represent the entire crew, but his efforts failed.

Wild Boar in F-Zero GX

Michael initially joined the F-ZERO circuit to represent his gang. His lack of wins has caused a lot of members to leave and the organization's membership has drastically decreased. If things continue the way they do, it's rumored the group could dissolve in the next several years.

F-Zero GP Legend

Michael Chain's anime counterpart makes an appearance in the anime F-Zero: GP Legend voiced by Tomoyuki Shimura in the Japanese version, while in the American dub he is voiced by Dan Green.

His first cameo appearance was in Lap 7, The Trap of Michael Chain. A rich man named Truman was responsible as he conspires with the Bloody Chain to capture F-Zero pilots that win many races. Michael met Rick Wheeler, Lucy Liberty, Super Arrow and Zukk, and Mrs. Arrow as they escaped from their laser gate prison that was deactivated when Truman got to his senses. He wielded a chain whip to intimidate his opponents as well as using his bulk muscle. Fortunately, Super Arrow sent out his owl while Rick fought Michael and the rest of the Bloody Chain.

At times, the Wild Boar was seen as cameos, even in Lap 8, The Secret Within, as the machine crashed while attempting to cross a gap in a Mute City course.

He made another appearance in Lap 37, Grim Reaper Jack Levin, he terrorized the city once more. Only this time, he's been waiting for the arrival of the Death Reaper to give him the edge on ruling over the megacity. Soon enough, he encountered Jack Levin wanting to convince him to join by his side again. His friends were shocked, though Jody Summer knew his dark past all too well; Jack was known as the Death Reaper, a talented gangbanger working for the Bloody Chain and his skills were topnotch, hence why Michael recruited him. Sure enough, Jack did, and wreaked havoc across the city, even Baba was involved at times. When Rick and Jody arrived, Jack eventually re-convinced himself since he didn't want his friends to be in danger; however, since his comrades deal with their dark pasts together, he changed his mind. He and Mike were involved in a street race till they reached an unfinished bridge and Rick was in a scrimmage with Baba. Though Jody came to Jack's side since she was the one who convinced Jack to join the Platoon rather than be imprisoned. She saved his life, though both Baba and Michael made the slip again.

Pilot Profile Movies

Silver is no match for Chain's tough body!

Chain is having a tough time flexing.

Michael Chain debuts in Silver Neelsen's profile video "Shadow Boxer." The two racers encounter each other, and Silver tries to punch Michael, but only succeeds in breaking his hand (although Chain does flinch slightly, and rubs his waist). He raises his arms in triumph, then looks back at Silver walking away.

Later in his own video, "Hard Luck Bodybuilder", Michael Chain, wearing just a teal speedo, his belt, his shades, his bracelets and his chain around his neck, does his best to flex enough to get the score bar past the line, but fails as he flexes too hard and overheats, then collapses, causing the score bar to drop to 0.


  • Two of Michael Chain's color swaps feature an alternate logo on his T-Shirt.
    • Interestingly, the Purple & Yellow color swap somewhat resembles an L.A. Lakers Jersey.


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