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Megan (メガん?) is the pilot of the Hot Violet in F-Zero Maximum Velocity. She's rumored to be a karate expert. Her machine, the Hot Violet, accelerates at a boosted speed of 579 km/h for six seconds -- the best boost combo of the first four available machines.

She often dodges questions pertaining to the origins of her machine, the Hot Violet, simply stating that it was a gift from a fan, but its designer is ultimately is unknown.


Her outfit is a modified biker suit clad in leather, form-fitting around her slim body. It consists of violet-colored leggings and a sleeveless jacket, along with a visored helmet embroidered in flame patterns. Both of her shoulders carry black pauldrons, with one bearing a white circle on her left breast. The suit is accentuated with gold trimmings around the outline of her hips. Her hair is a rich brown and is ruffled down to her shoulders.

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