Lucy's Epic Duel
General Information
Original broadcast February 17, 2004
Series F-Zero: GP Legend
Season 2
Episode number 19
Production number 19
Overall number 19
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On the passenger warp gate to Earth, two peculiar lifeforms announce their ambitions in unison: to become the greatest villain the universe has ever seen! They deduce the quickest way to accomplish this would be to work under Black Shadow...but they have no F-Zero machine, nor the money to afford one. However will they make money on Earth...?

In the Falcon House, Lucy is enjoying a selection of cakes when Rick and Jack begin calling her out on what a greedy gord she is. Even Clank gets in on fat shaming her by displaying the amount of calories in each mouthful, but Lucy refuses to fall to their unkind pressuring. She's enjoying this cake, and no ramifications will come of it!

Back at headquarters, Lucy screams in horror: she's gained six pounds! The scale's gotta be lying, surely.

Afterwards as she's bringing a part to Clash's garage, she overhears Rick and Clash talking in disbelief over the six pound weight gain. Clash says he likes it, but Rick hates it, saying he can't stand anything heavy. In actuality, they're talking about some adjustments to the Dragon Bird...but Lucy doesn't know, and is morally ashamed of their comments. She bumps into Rick exiting, who helps to her feet but remarks she feels heavier. That's the last straw - Lucy runs out in tears, begging to be left alone. She heads to the park and begins pushing herself to exercise. Jogging, skipping, sit-ups...but she gets exhausted quickly. Maybe she's not cut out for this. She's suddenly set upon by two aliens who have heard of her plight, and have just the solution for it - the Bobo Bag, a backpack filled with expensive crystal that improves her muscle tone and induces weight loss! Just don't open it, though. Lucy is over the moon until she hears the price...but there's only two left and it's guaranteed to work. How could she miss out?

Back at the police station, Rick meets Lucy again and notices she's sweating. Wearing the Bobo Bag, she remarks she's on a strict diet and exercise regime, and Rick remembers his comments earlier; he tells her not to worry about it. He'll still be rooting for her efforts and leaves, but Lucy's excitement causes her to drop the Bobo Bag, busting it open. It's full of plain old stones!

Marching back to the park to give them a piece of her mind, she notices a lot of park-goers carrying strange-looking golden goblets - another scheme from the two aliens. She shows them the bag and its contents, and they explain the crystals turn to stone once they're exposed to air...but that doesn't mean she's out of luck! These golden goblets allow whoever drinks from them to lose six pounds of weight! Now, about the price...

Lucy returns to the Falcon House and orders a drink in her goblet, boasting about its properties. Clank is shocked at the price and bets it's a scam...and he'd be right. The goblet has scuffed just from washing, and it's just an ordinary cup beneath its gold paint.

Lucy returns to berate the two, but is interrupted when a contraction is plopped on her head. It's the Diet Helmet, said to stimulate mind and body alike! Now, about the price...

Lucy ends up falling for every sale the two propose - the Dream Fulfilling Pot, the Magic Shoes, the Super Quilt, all pitched to help bring about the trim, healthy bod she's been dreaming of. Her latest purchase is the duo's special Tea, and she brings it to the rest of the Platoon excited about its potential.

Thankfully, Dr. Stewart is on hand to sample it and give her his expert opinion: this stuff is bunk. She just bought some ordinary tea. Vexed something fierce, Lucy finally storms down to their office and slams the door open: she has a complaint to make!

The place is empty.

Hearing voices from the back, she barges in there and finds Gomar and Shioh arguing over spare parts, blaming each other for breaking them. Upon seeing her the two hide in fear, begging to know what she's come down here for. Lucy, however is distracted by the subject of their argument: they're building an F-Zero machine!

Asking to know where it came from, the two give a sob story: their parents died when they were young, and the two have scraped by on odd jobs and pennies all to accomplish their build an F-Zero machine. Lucy is moved to tears. The two bemoan their machine's critical flaw: the machine can't fit two people, but the two act as one; it's not unlike dying should the two of them separate. Lucy looks over their machine and notices its flaws, but that should hardly stop them from racing. She wants to make their dream come true, and she'll build it herself if she has to! The two are taken aback by her kindness.

At the Galaxy Mobile Platoon base, Jody shows the group a report of two criminals, Gomar and Shioh, leaving planet Huckmine to build an F-Zero machine, and are wanted for fraud across the galaxy. They don't know if the duo are working for Zoda, but to be safe, Jack and Rick are to keep an eye on them.

The two ponder if those are the two who've been scamming Lucy for so long. For that matter, they haven't seen Lucy in a few days. What's she up to? The two set out to look for her when they run into Clash, who hands them some parts to give to Lucy if they find her, as she's apparently fixing up somebody's machine. Then that means--! Lucy could be in danger! The two rush out into the city to track her down.

Lucy, Gomar and Shioh all set to work on her specifications for their ship, and with a bit of sweat and elbow grease, finally having a finished machine in their hands! The ship is light to compensate for the two pilots, but the two are moved to tears by her dedication to their plight. "It would be great if all F-Zero pilots were like you", she remarks, wondering why Dark Million must be a blight upon the sport...

The two jump at the mention of the name. She says it again, and the two begin sweating. She catches herself on - there's no reason two little guys like these should know of a criminal organization or its leader, Black Shadow! Lucy begins the final touches on the machine as the two step outside for some fresh air.

Gomar and Shioh sigh in relief - that was a close shave. This is only their first step towards being the world's greatest villains; Black Shadow is their idol! They would love nothing more than to work for him, but they would need to win a few races before catching his attention.

Unfortunately for them, Rick and Jack see them and demand to know where Lucy is.

They try to catch the Furikakes, but the aliens are too wriggly and send them on a wild goose chase before ducking back inside their office. Gomar and Shioh are nowhere to be seen, but Lucy is working happily on the machine and takes the spare part from them. Now it's complete! Rick and Jack are impressed with her are Gomar and Shioh, who hop in and make their getaway. Lucy stops her allies from following - they can't take their dream from them! - and is impressed at how fast it is. Rick and Jack can't believe Lucy for what she's done.

At the Falcon House, she praises herself for her good deed while the others try to inform her that the two are fraudsters - they effectively robbed her a few days ago! That's a non-issue to her now, they were only trying to accomplish their dream. Speaking of their dream, they'll be participating in tomorrow's race!

Before the race, Lucy stops by to give Gomar and Shioh her support, and also a quick tip: the booster on their machine is fragile, so it can only be used twice.

The race begins, and the Twin Norrita is instantly ahead of the competition, its zippy acceleration whisking it ahead of the pack. Rick catches up to them, eager to keep them from winning, but one boost from the duo's ship leaves the Dragon Bird in the dust.

Unwelcome to newcomers, Bio Rex and Octoman team up to try and squash the duo between their machines...but another well-timed boost leaves the two villains colliding in an explosive wreck. Can nothing stop Gomar and Shioh?

It's the final lap and the Dragon Bird and Astro Robin are on the leader's tail, but still unable to put a stop in their progress. Lucy is overjoyed - Gomar and Shioh could very well be champions by the end of this race! Rick overtakes with a well-timed boost, sending the duo into a panic...and they perform a third boost, decimating the Twin Norrita. Lucy did tell them of their machine's limitations, but it's too late now...their dreams are over! Rick takes first place, and after the race the two scam artists are led into police custody.

Lucy comes rushing up to them, wishing them the best on making up for their mistakes and finally reaching their dream...and if they ever return to racing, the Twin Norrita will be waiting for them! The two are taken away with smiles on their faces, and Jody approaches to praise Lucy for building such a remarkable machine: she awaits the challenge of facing it herself sometime.

At the Falcon House, Lucy orders another of her favorite cakes, only to be told she's out of money. Burt offers it to her on the house when Clank reminds her, isn't she supposed to be on a diet for Rick's affections? Forget him, Rick's a chump.

Elsewhere, he bangs his head on the hood of his Dragon Bird.

Okay, so he doesn't bang his head at the end - he sneezes. This is a joke in Japanese culture where if someone sneezes unexpectedly, it's because someone, somewhere, is talking about them. (thanks, Nintendo Direct!)

There's some sort of joke where Gomar and Shioh say "you'll catch a cold" after Lucy offers them her help (and rolls up her sleeves - don't tell me that's the whole gag?!); I assume the same joke applies, that Lucy will make such a name for herself everyone will be talking about her and giving her the sneezies.

Long story short: it doesn't translate well.


  • This was the first and only time we see Gomar & Shioh; not a very good first impression as criminals and arrogant fraudsters to Lucy. Plus they look so ghastly compared to their GX models.
  • Lucy goes thru some poor self-image as well as body shaming; a common issue with young women. She'd best be careful with sweets...
  • Lucy does prove herself to be a phenomenal mechanic succeeding Dr. Clash!
  • This actually begins the Japanese subs' infamy of showing a hit character once and never mentioning him/her again. Not to mention since it's supposed to be a reboot, they don't do a good job retaining their characters; just a day in the limelight and they're soon forgotten. The first was actually Silver Neelsen and Anthony Ropkin in episode 14, but this does start a very long curse...



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