Various new locations and recurring sites appear with each subsequent installment in the F-Zero video game series. Many characters from these games have courses taking place on their own home planet. Earth is the host of some of the more well-known locations in these video games. Even though in this franchise most planets are briefly mentioned, a few contain much more elaborate information.


Race locations by game
Originated from F-Zero
Mute City Big Blue Sand Ocean Death Wind
Silence Port Town Red Canyon White Land
Fire Field
Originated from F-Zero X
Devil's Forest Sector Alpha Sector Beta Rainbow Road
Space Plant Big Hand Big Foot
Originated from F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Bianca City Stark Farm Empyrean Colony Cloud Carpet
Tenth Zone East Beacon Port Synobazz Ancient Mesa
Crater Land
Originated from GX / AX
Cosmo Terminal Phantom Road Green Plant Casino Palace
Lightning Aeropolis Outer Space Flag Open
Originated from F-Zero: GP Legend
Mist Flow Illusion
Originated from F-Zero Climax

Minor locations

Minor planets and locations
Planet: Summary:
Clifoto It appeared in the episode titled "Burn out on planet Clifoto" in the anime, F-Zero: GP Legend.[1] The only mentionable thing about this planet is that it is very hot.
Giant The home of Baba is a planet with expansive tracts of green land.[2]

This is the home to the brown-skinned Furikake people, including Gomar and Shioh. Their custom have the people paired up with a partner when they are born and must do everything together.[3]

Magica Princia is the princess of the Desert Kingdom on this planet, which is a society with highly advanced scientific knowledge. She snuck off to travel around the universe with her servants, and when she came to Earth, she saw an F-Zero race and decided that she wanted to be a pilot.[3]
Mandrill 4 Michael Chain's gang, the Bloody Chain, is from Angelopolis, a city on this planet.
Odyapes This planet is the home of the genetically engineered ape, Billy. The Big Blue race courses featured in F-Zero X are actually held here.
Shinar This planet is home to a telepathic race, who have a life span of 200 years and are only about three feet tall. Dai, San and Gen come from this planet.[3]
Silence A planet where not a single noise can be heard.[4] According to F-Zero: GP Legend, this planet received its name because no living creatures are native to it.
Takora It is home to a race of red-skinned intelligent octopuses called Takoraians. F-Zero GX stated that this planet is economically devastated due to the on-going war with the Milky Way Space Federation and the battle between the two gets more tense with each passing day.[2] Octoman is a representative of Takora who will give his race winnings to secure their future. The Takoraians do not have highly advanced scientific technology, so it was difficult for them to build a quality racer.[3]
Tortiz 3 Pico's biography in F-Zero X states that it is speculated he is from planet Tortiz 3,[5] even though in the first F-Zero title states he is from Death Wind.[4]
White A giant crocodile on this planet attacked Beastman which inspired him to hunt dangerous alien animals.
Zou (Kericho) A planet that had been in a war 12 years previously, which is home to a bipedal, beast like race. Leon wants to use his race money to keep the children from this planet out of poverty. In F-Zero X, Kericho is said to be Leon's home planet, but in F-Zero GX it is called Zou.


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