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Lisa Brilliant is the wife of Samurai Goroh (Anime series only) as well as a member of his bandit group. The following information is based on the Anime Timeline of F-Zero. Much like her husband, Lisa Brilliant is a woman who is known for her criminal activities. She's known for using her looks to take advantage of men, such as with the case with Jack Levin. She appears in both F-Zero: GP Legend and F-Zero Climax.

F-Zero GP Legend (Anime)

Lisa's makeover on Jack's Astro Robin

Her debut in the anime was in Lap 5, A Risky Rendezvous. In it, she encounters Jack Levin at a bar who has been down on his luck. Despite his previous victory, there was no party for him, so she tries to cheer him up. However, after they'd gotten to be close as friends while hanging out and playing pool, Lisa knocked him out cold, stole his Astro Robin, and wreaked havoc at the Task Force Base. This nearly resulted Jack losing his credentials, but he and Rick Wheeler, with a sore arm, were determined to get the vehicle back. She made a makeover on it just before the race, but fortunately, she was cornered near the end. Lisa wasn't apprehended, though, as her husband, Goroh, and his Fire Stingray made the getaway.

In Lap 11, Blow Out, she confronted Goroh on how he's going to deal with Guster, and that he must be wary about him, albeit to no avail.

In Lap 25, it's revealed that her ship is the Excellent Queen. It consists the color pink which was said to have her lucky color. The Fire Stingray (anime only) was allegedly designed by her, according go Bart Lemming. In turn, her machine was colored green because it was Goroh's favorite color when she returned to him.

F-Zero GP Legend (Game)

In the story mode for GP Legend, a game loosely based on the anime, Lisa starts out in a race in the Grand Prix. Though she wins the race, the curving in her machine suddenly is messed up and she crashes, causing her to lose her memory. She's soon greeted by Goroh, who is furious about being poisoned. After their race, Goroh realizes Lisa has lost her memory, but is too busy finding an antidote for his poison to be able to help her, but wishes he could.

She runs into Antonio Guster who, after realizing she has amnesia, decides to take advantage of her by claiming he knows someone who can help her, as long as she helps him win a race. However, after she beats him in a race, he decides that maybe she's a little too tough and backs out. The English version of this scene has caused much misconception about Lksa and Guster, due to the fact he addresses her as "big sis," although the Japanese version uses "aneesan," meaning Guster was only referring to Lisa in terms of rank.

Lisa then runs into Zoda who claims to know who she is and can give her back her memory - but only if she beats him. After their race, he recants on his deal, but is interrupted by Black Shadow who claims to possess Lisa's memory. He issues a challenge to her - he'll restore her memory if she beats him, otherwise, she becomes his servant.

Ultimately, Lisa wins the race against him and Black Shadow escapes. She's surprised to find Captain Falcon waiting and declares that Goroh will get mad if he sees Falcon - then realizes her memory is back. She then remembers that she loaned Goroh a chunk of money and that she needs to make sure she gets it back.


  • Although Samurai Goroh's non-anime counterpart has a son named Daigoroh, the relation is not applicable to the anime and its related content, and therefore not applicable to Lisa Brilliant either. This is due to the differences in universes, timelines, character incarnations, and lore.


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