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Shortly after Lily was born, she was entered into extensive training for her life in the Galactic Space Forces. Despite being only fourteen years of age, she has already seen combat in skirmishes as emergency support. The purpose of the forces is to support the Federation, but her membership is seemingly mandatory and she does not have the freedom to simply leave. She's proud of the body that she earned from training and in her spare time collects frog knickknacks.

Bunny Flash

She is extremely dutiful to her superiors and has earned high marks in her training classes. Occasionally she seems to be a naive young girl, but she is able to act as a soldier when given an order. To advance her training, she became an F-Zero pilot. She is not in to win the prize money (as any winnings go straight to the organization), but for practical experience in making quick decisions and reacting quickly under pressure. As such, her main ambition is to polish her snap decision-making skills under pressure.

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