Lightning is an area where the climate was once calm, but the air pollution created a perpetual lightning zone. This extreme air pollution continues to destroy the ozone layer. Now the frequent bolts of electricity which hammer down from the sky are harnessed and put to use by innovative power companies. The total power generated in the efficient recycling facilities exceeds 10 million gigawatts. The output is so great, in fact, that Lightning now exports its excess power to neighboring planets.[1]

Appearance in the games

Lightning appears in F-Zero GXF-Zero GP Legend (game), and F-Zero Climax.

F-Zero GX/AX

Four tracks total can be found for this course. Loop Cross contains loops and twists but isn't all that hard; though you will find yourself on the ceiling above the finish line. Half Pipe is a very tricky course in which the stage consists of a half-pipe track. Thunder Road is tricky with 90-degree turns.

It is also featured in Chapter 4-6 in the Story Mode.

F-Zero GP Legend

Volute (only in F-Zero GP Legend) has a nasty jump which must be hit at an angle in order to survive it. All of the courses in GP Legend are filled with Speed Boosts.

F-Zero Climax

In Climax, each of the circuits has multiple routes, so players must plan their strategy if they should place either at a higher rank, or wind up in the back of the pack; the magnets and angle jump plates should be cautioned as well.


Lightning has appeared twice in the anime: the 1st time was in Lap 30, Only One Falcon, we see a track that's based on a Lightning circuit; while the other, Lap 45,Zoda's Other Ambition, where there's a sequence in which Rick escapes from Black Shadow's/Don Genie's death traps. And also having a Dark Million base as well.


  • In F-Zero GX, Lightning appears in all odd-numbered cups. The Ruby Cup is the 1st cup, the Emerald Cup is the 3rd cup, and the AX cup is the 5th cup.
    • Coincidentally, in those cups, Lightning appears as the 2nd-to-last track.
  • In F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, a track called Tenth Zone East is similar to Lightning.
  • It is presumed that the games continuity (excluding the anime based games and content) counterpart of Lightning is on Earth. The anime continuity's version, however, is an entirely different planet.



  1. Planet & Course (Japanese). Sega. Retrieved on 2007-08-12. “(Translation) The unusual weather due to air pollution, becoming in 26 centuries, had become serious problem. Originally, also this area which is calm climate, was covered in the thick thundercloud with unusual weather, transfigured to thunderbolt occurring frequently zone. The electric power company of each planet which bothers the head in energy problem, that this lightning energy will be utilized, invested enormous fund, constructed the enormous power plant one after another. Entire electric power of the power plant where you complete, 10,000,000 gigawatt the pride being disgusted, now has supplied electric power to the planet of neighborhood.”
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