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Leon is an anthropomorphic beast-like F-Zero pilot, who made his debut in the 1998 N64 game, F-Zero X.


Twelve years prior to F-Zero GX, his parents were killed in a big war on the planet Zou. His species had natural advantages over humans, such as sharper reflexes and natural instincts.

Space Angler

After an enemy soldier named Fable Animal betrayed his own army and led Zou to victory, Fable designed Leon's machine, the Space Angler. It was then decided that Leon would be sent to the F-Zero Grand Prix to be a symbol of hope for his ailing, war-torn planet.

Although he wasn't considered especially bright, he proved to be a natural at the F-Zero races, despite his young age. It's his hope to become champion so he can use the reward money to save the children of Zou from poverty.

F-Zero GP Legend

In the anime, Leon's anime counterpart appears during Lap 27. He has a human form, and is part beast. Though Beastman had been hunting down his species out of vengeance, Leon claimed to Rick Wheeler that he (Leon) was different and more docile than his ancestors.

Leon's human anime

Leon also worked at the Falcon House temporarily and had a crush on Lucy Liberty, giving up his secret of being a beast in order to save her from her overturned machine after a race. Upon being confronted by Beastman, Leon was allowed to walk free as long as the two never crossed paths again.

He, along with Beastman, are not featured nor mentioned in any other episode afterwards, though his machine occasionally appears in races.


  • He coaches a soccer team for children in his spare time. He is a wrestler as well.
  • Leon also bears a passing resemblance to Wolf O'Donnell of the Star Fox series. Interestingly, James McCloud, an obvious reference to a character in the Star Fox series, is in the F-Zero series as well, even resembling the appearance of said character. Leon even shares the name of one of Wolf's lackeys, Leon Powalski.
  • When he isn't racing, he is the head of an orphanage back home. He often dedicates most of his actions and winnings to the children in said orphanage.
  • Contrary to misconceptions about the F-Zero X website biographies for the pilots, Leon is NOT from the planet Kericho. He has always been from Zou, but this information was cut out from the US F-Zero X manual, but can be found intact within the JP F-Zero X manual.
  • In the original, F-Zero X, Leon had a distinctly feline face, whilst in GX, he gained the addition of canine features as well. In the GP Legend subseries, Leon has a more wolf-like appearance.
  • As shown in the ending of GX, Leon has a soft spot for animals; stopping a race to pick up an abandoned cat.

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