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Kate Alen is the megastar singer who was chosen to sing at the opening ceremonies of the past several F-ZERO Grand Prix races. Her fans are wild about her powerful dance moves and soulful vocals. Completely allured by the extreme speed of the race, Kate chose to pursue F-ZERO racing rather than continue furthering her musical career. Taking full advantage of her sense of rhythm and athleticism, she plans to run a rambunctious race.

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The popular singer Kate Alen has been performing since she was a young girl. Her parents were both famous recording artists, so as a result she and her ten brothers performed in the Alen Eleven with her as the youngest member. Despite her talent, she never was especially enthusiastic about her singing career but went solo when she turned 21 because it was expected of her. One of her songs, "A Little Love Never Hurt No One" is among her most popular songs and still gets airplay. She was first introduced to F-Zero when she was chosen to sing the opening ceremonies of several Grand Prix races.

Bored with her pop diva lifestyle and lack of enthusiasm, she enrolled in the F-Zero Academy five years ago. After four years she entered her first Grand Prix race. Thanks to her sense of rhythm and her athleticism, she is well equipped to the high speeds of the F-Zero races.


Her debut episode was in Lap 6 in Japan/13 in America, Dangerous Diva. She was receiving threats lately and her midget alien manager, Gordon, grew concerned. Jody Summer received the distress and offered Kate 24-hour protection from Dark Million, specifically Zoda who has lost to her in a previous race. She just rejected her. But the Task Force never gave up offering their protection; though she brushes them off as if it's none of her business. Kate tries to brush it off as her manager being a worrywart, and being the work of nothing but overenthusiastic fans. Jody tells her why this is serious: the threats are from Zoda, wanting her to win prize money for him, but she's refused. Darn right she refused, Kate Alen works for no one! Jody leaves, saying the Galaxy Mobile Platoon will arrange protection for her before she goes; Kate is miffed. She hates having decisions made for her.

Rick Wheeler and Mr. EAD are visiting where Kate Alen's next concert will be held and find Gordon. The two are led to Kate's dressing room to serve as her bodyguards. For so-called policemen they're quite unusual looking, and she asks to know what department they're from; that's classified information. She's unhappy with the situation, but she doesn't fight it. She's got a show to perform. She sings to a packed audience, Love Rules the Universe, Rick and EAD have the backstage covered, though the robot is sitting watching Kate perform from behind the curtain. He's simply enjoying the song. Rick admits he never liked it, feeling it's lacking soul. After the show Kate and her bodyguards return to her mansion, though the singer tries to sneak out for a spin in her Super Piranha. Rick and EAD forbid it, but Jody appears to call them off, letting Kate know that she's their superior and she's free to roam wherever she desires as long as they'll keep tabs on her. She demands to know what police department they work for, but she's told she doesn't need to know that, and not to worry about it. EAD moves aside and Kate is allowed to leave. She takes the highway overlooking the city, the singer leaves the city and enters the beach, rolling down her windscreen to enjoy the fresh air...only for armored gun-pods to appear from over the dune! Bio Rex and Octoman open fire on the vulnerable Super Piranha, but EAD guards Kate's machine with his the hull of his Great Star. They quickly veer off, pursued by the rest of the Platoon, while EAD attends to Kate, whose machine is wedged in the sand. He takes her back to her mansion, where she has a chance to express how scared she was. The others can track down her attackers, but EAD's number one duty is her safety. Kate is touched by the robot's loyalty, and rewards him with a peck on the cheek. As he makes his way to the front garden, an unseen assailant suddenly sticks him full of volts, knocking him offline! Rick returns just in time to hear Kate scream, and he and Gordon find her cowering in the living room; someone was here, she cries. The two follow the open window to the garden and find EAD lying in pieces!

Come morning, the robot's body is returned to base and patched up by Clash. The good news is he was merely dismantled with no signs of damage; rebuilding him wasn't an issue. The bad news: EAD's memory core is missing. Everything he sees and hears is recorded in there, a lot of it confidential; there's no way it should fall into the hands of outsiders. They suspected Kate has done just that! Rick enters Kate's room to find her studying the memory core. She returns it, glad she finally knows who these people are: they're that police division who try to prevent Zoda winning F-Zero prize money. Kate was miffed since she claims them responsible for Zoda going after her! Though, EAD risked his life for her, and this is how she repays him? She thinks he's getting a little upset over a simple robot, and makes her leave; she and Gordon have work to do. Before Kate's next show, she finds EAD sitting backstage at his usual post. She asks if he remembers what she did to him, and if he's upset over it. EAD shakes his head. This frustrates her, but Gordon tries to rush her to the stage - the fans are waiting! She grumbles that she hates singing, and EAD asks her why: he thinks she's a magnificent singer. Kate claims robots wouldn't understand, before making her way to the stage. The Platoon are summoned to her dressing room afterwards and told she doesn't wish to be protected anymore. They're not protecting her for her own safety, they're using her as bait to lure out Zoda, and that criminal wants to use her to win prize money - she's sick of being used! EAD tries to calm her down, but she storms out. Gordon is particularly upset by this; Kate was an innocent girl with a real passion for singing when her career began, but the manipulative side of show business left her distrustful of others and bitter of her talents. For all her fame, she must feel incredibly lonely. A crew member suddenly bursts into the room; Kate's machine has left the parking garage!

Kate feels like a weight has lifted from her shoulders; she's free to go anywhere and do anything. Unfortunately, a familiar vehicle slows down in front of her...Zoda's Death Anchor! He tries once more to offer her to work for him, but she boosts ahead, saying he can use her if he beats her. Her path is soon blocked by Octoman and Bio Rex, who quickly put her machine out of commission. The Super Piranha in flames, Zoda asks her one last time: will she work for him? She refuses once more; she'd never work for criminal scum like him. Well, if there's no chance of convincing her...then there's no loss in killing her! Before Zoda can stab her, Kate is pulled to the ground: EAD to the rescue! Kate is confused; if Zoda is their target, then why is EAD staying behind with her? As a robot, he may be a tool to be used by others, but he himself would never treat anyone that way. Kate is touched, and takes his hand...but EAD falls to the ground, a huge gash in his back from Zoda's knife. He laps around to where he left the Super Piranha, and prepares to squash Kate into roadkill. EAD rises to his feet once more; he made a promise to protect her, and he'll do everything to accomplish that, even if it destroys him. Kate cries out his name, but EAD needs a way to stop this thing. Pushing his strength to the limit, he lifts the Death Anchor up off the ground and topples backwards with a horrible crunch. Amidst the debris, it almost looks like his memory core survived the impact...but it too shatters the moment it's touched. Rick is furious; this is how far EAD went to protect her, but Kate is finally aware. She lifts a fragment in her hands as tears roll down her cheeks. She finishes up her latest performances and returns backstage, almost expecting to find the robot waiting for her. Gordon invites her out again for an encore, and she agrees: she'll sing EAD's favorite song...for a very special friend.

In Lap 15, Target Tanaka, Kate made a few cameos as she was performing at Port Town's cruiser, the Diamond Star. But she was mostly seen as John Tanaka fantasized falling for her, even on a poster photoshopped with her as a police officer. He often dreams on becoming a couple and performing a duet since he'll meet her backstage and Gordon's been a tight friend to him, till he was targeted by Pico. Kate still performs onstage ignoring the chaos, though she and Gordon were safe as Tanaka was rescued by Rick, Jody and Lucy; she thought Tanaka was a trespasser, though Gordon showed her his ticket, much to the lovesick director's disappointment. In an end scene, Kate's seen cruising with Rick and EAD as Tanaka lags behind begging her for her autograph.

She also participated in Battle of the Women, where the title was Miss Galaxy. All the women were abducted by Dark Million, just to make the competition easier, as Kate Alen silently vanishes after one of her performances. Super Arrow throws a false move and then the women start bickering to each other. Lisa, especially, was disgusted by Kate as to why a pop diva would participate, who's already got everything and needs another title in her belt! Fortunately, though disgraced, Goroh breaks the binds and each woman storms out to the track. The circuit turned into a warzone as each diva brings out their heavy artillery; Kate races against Lisa Brilliant, but her Excellent Queen launches missiles onto the course, throwing the Super Piranha off! Mr. Zero then declares to cancel the race and the title was disregarded!


  • Kate is pure, clear. Alen is precious.
  • Kate could be a reference to Janet Jackson, the youngest sister to the Jackson 5 and their tumultuous career.

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