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Kate Alen is the megastar singer who was chosen to sing at the opening ceremonies of the past several F-ZERO Grand Prix races. Her fans are wild about her powerful dance moves and soulful vocals. Completely allured by the extreme speed of the race, Kate chose to pursue F-ZERO racing rather than continue furthering her musical career. Taking full advantage of her sense of rhythm and athleticism, she plans to run a rambunctious race.

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She was first introduced to F-Zero when she was chosen to sing the opening ceremonies of several Grand Prix races.

Thanks to her sense of rhythm and her athleticism, she is well equipped to the high speeds of the F-Zero races.


Her anime counterpart's debut was during Lap 6 of the F-Zero GP Legend anime in Japan / episode 13 in America, Dangerous Diva.

Due to threats from Zoda, Kate's manager, Gordon, grew concerned and hired the Mobile Task Force to protect Kate, to her dismay. Jody Summer received the distress call and offered Kate 24-hour protection from Dark Million, specifically Zoda.

At some point, Kate finds out what the Task Force's true intentions are after dismantling Mr. EAD who had become smitten by her. Rick Wheeler confronts her, as she reveals she took Mr. EAD's memory core. She then goes onto her next performance, coming across a fixed Mr. EAD sitting backstage. Despite what she did, he isn't upset. Gordon then urges Kate to go on stage, to which Kate remarks that she hates singing.

After the show, Kate tells the Task Force that she doesn't want to be protected anymore, especially after realizing that they were only using her to lure Zoda out. Mr. EAD attempts to calm her, but she storms out of her dressing room. Gordon then reveals that Kate was once an enthusiastic and naive singer who eventually grew tired of being used by everyone else.

Kate took her machine out for a solo drive, only to be interrupted by Zoda's Death Anchor. The two face off only temporarily, as Octoman and Bio Rex block her path. Zoda approaches Kate, but Mr. EAD arrives and takes the hit for her. Kate questions EAD, but EAD responds that he knows what it feels like to be used. However, EAD falls to the ground, and Zoda atempts to run over Kate. EAD, miraculously, stands up and takes the Death Anchor head on, throwing it to the side. It takes a toll on him, as he crumbles into pieces. The Task Force arrives, but Kate is left with a fragment of EAD's memory core that eventually breaks.

At her next performance, she seems to be a changed woman, genuinely enjoying what she does, and singing EAD's favorite song for him. Rick asks the newly rebuilt EAD if he remembers anything, but EAD simply says 'it's a good song.'

In Lap 15, Target Tanaka, Kate made a few cameos as she was performing at Port Town's cruiser, the Diamond Star. But she was mostly seen as John Tanaka fantasized falling for her, even on a poster photoshopped with her as a police officer. He often dreams on becoming a couple and performing a duet since he'll meet her backstage and Gordon's been a tight friend to him, till he was targeted by Pico. Kate still performs onstage ignoring the chaos, though she and Gordon were safe as Tanaka was rescued by Rick, Jody and Lucy; she thought Tanaka was a trespasser, though Gordon showed her his ticket, much to the lovesick director's disappointment. In an end scene, Kate's seen cruising with Rick and EAD as Tanaka lags behind begging her for her autograph.

She also participated in Battle of the Women during Lap 21, where the title was Miss Galaxy. All the women were abducted by Miss Killer, just to make the competition easier, as Kate Alen silently vanishes after one of her performances. Kate eventually argues with Lisa Brilliant and Mrs. Arrow initially over the title of Miss Galaxy, moments before Samurai Goroh frees them. While Mrs. Arrow was knocked out of the race earlier on, Kate raced against Lisa Brilliant. Lisa's Excellent Queen would launch missiles onto the course in retaliation, throwing the Super Piranha off the course. Mr. Zero ultimately decides to call off the race.

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