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Jody Summer is a combat-machine pilot affiliated with the Galactic Space Federation. Her ability is highly regarded, and she is recognized as a hero by both her peers and superiors. For these reasons, she was chosen as the spokesperson for the Federation.


Jody is one of the Galactic Federation's top combat pilots and was chosen as a spokesperson of the Federation.

She often races with John Tanaka, who has taken it upon himself to protect her.

White Cat

White Cat

She returned in F-Zero GX. And while she wasn’t able to win the last Grand Prix championship, she was praised for her bravery and subsequently chosen to be Miss Galactic Space Federation. She still doesn’t have a great deal of experience as an F-ZERO pilot, but she has an incredible ability to control speed; that skill alone makes her the target of a great many rivals. Jody notably has a rivalry with Octoman.

For this reason, during her second Grand Prix, she was involved in an accident thanks to Black Shadow. Fortunately, Captain Falcon showed up in time to escort her out of a building before it collapsed on her, reuniting her with John Tanaka.

Despite her injuries, she and John Tanaka were both at the Grand Prix in the story mode.

General Information[]


In the games prior to the reboot, Jody comes off as a fairly confident and determined lawful character, stating that one of her reasons for joining F-Zero is to arrest the criminals involved in the races.

Physical Appearance[]

Jody has a fair skin complexion, teal blue eyes, and long brown hair.

In F-Zero X, she wears a white jumpsuit with pink armor on her chest and pelvis, gray shoulder pads, and purple gloves. Her sprite shows her carrying a yellow racing helmet, but she's never actually wears it. Her lower armor has a yellow rectangle in the center, and her chest armor has a lightning bolt symbol on the right. She also wears red shoes and white socks.

In F-Zero GX, her design was slightly changed; her jumpsuit is now light pink, her chest armor is now red, while retaining the lightning bolt symbol. Instead of the pelvis armor, she now wears a red thong, and long red boots.

During GX's Chapter 5 cutscenes, she appears with more blonde hair.

Her design appears to be based off Samus Aran from the Metroid series. Specifically, her attire bears a resemblance to Zero Suit Samus, wearing a similar sports bra, thong, and boots set usually worn by Samus at the end of a Metroid game under the best cleared conditions, and her brown hair. Jody's left breast also bears a lightning bolt symbol, which is usually associated with Samus's own Screw Attack symbol. Both characters are also involved with work under a "Galactic (space) Federation".

Official Data[]

F-Zero GX[]

North American profile
Japanese profile (translated)
A female fighter pilot in the Galactic Space Federation military. She was chosen as a representative of the Galactic Space Federation in recognition of her abilities in actual combat. Although she did not win the last Grand Prix, she was chosen as Miss Galactic Space Federation for her good performance. Although she has only a short track record as an F-ZERO pilot, she has an outstanding sense for controlling speed, and many of her rivals take a shine to her abilities.


Jody Summer Trophy Melee

Jody Summer's Super Smash Bros. Melee Trophy.

  • In John Tanaka's F-Zero GX Pilot profile, Jody Summer's name is misspelled as "Jody Summers". This could be a minor error on the developer's part.
  • In the F-Zero X Expansion Kit, Jody also has a machine called the Super Cat.
  • If John Tanaka's unlockable video is anything to go by, Captain Falcon and Jody Summer could possibly be in a relationship, although there is almost no chemistry shared between them.
    • This may come off as strange, considering that in the anime and its related media, Captain Falcon and Jody Summer are siblings. It should be noted, however, that the anime does not connect to the previous games and is an original spin on the series, thus not connecting to the previous establishments, characters, timelines, or even lore.
  • There is a trophy for her in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.


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