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This is a list of all quotes spoken by James McCloud.

F-Zero X

F-Zero GX

F-Zero TV Interview

Dialogue Voice Clip
"A great achievement. And if it brings me more work, it'll be perfect."
"Galaxy Dog was running at a loss."
"It's the top of the Space Dynamics line."
"The ability to think and act quickly when the pressure's on."
"Tough luck. They had their chance, and they blew it."
"Galaxy Dog, mercenaries for hire! Give us a call."
"With a machine like this, the winner's podium is only a short step away!"
"Go celebrate my victory with my friends at Galaxy Dog!"
"Buy the latest model racing machine for my son."
"Aw, gee. This is embarrassing."
"Friendship is a treasure that lasts a lifetime. My mates at Galaxy Dog are the greatest."
"My machine has no reverse gear. The only way out is the finish line."
"No, there are no miracles in F-Zero. I earned this victory."
"To raise my son to be a better man than me."
"The Galaxy Dog logo. I designed it."
"My only rival is myself!"

F-Zero GP Legend

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