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"I drive like a sly fox."
— James

James McCloud is the leader of the flight squad Galaxy Dogs. According to F-Zero GX, he is 32 years old and had his combat plane converted into an F-ZERO machine in order to compete in the Grand Prix.


During peacetime, there is very little work available, so McCloud has entered his second race in an attempt to take home the big prize money. He is motivated to become the new champion by thoughts of his wife and young son, both of whom need his support.

Little Wyvern

James McCloud joined in the F-Zero X Grand Prix after the races had been reopened with new safety protocols. Although James McCloud didn't win the prize that year, he re-entered the following year for the F-Zero GX Grand Prix. He hopes to win the prize money in order to support his family since he has had little work in recent years. If he wins, he plans to buy his son a racing model of his own.


He only made an appearance during his debut episode with the same name.

He was giving the Mobile Task Force some lethal training as Rick and the others were being bombarded by bullets as a way to make them more agile to enemy fire; John Tanaka completely idolizes the guy, despite the fact that he's a scoundrel and also gave Dark Million the profits for their training as well. He was just a mercenary hellbent on cash and lethal training, and it was hard to have a relation with; however, Rick seemed to warm up to him, even invite James to the Falcon House. He only liked black coffee, though, thinking sweet coffee is weak and not so bitter. Eventually, it was revealed James was coldhearted on account on losing his only friend, O'Donnel, during a shootout in a mission on a distant planet; they were separated, O'Donnell was killed, and James just left him and his squadron for dead. Though he eventually considered sweet coffee as he said farewell to his new friend to him.

James' Anime counterpart is 32 years old with a blood type of A.


  • His appearance is strikingly similar to the character of the same name (the long-deceased father of protagonist Fox McCloud) in the series Star Fox, with a similar jumpsuit, jacket, white head stripe (only in F-Zero GX and GP Legend), shades, and markings.
    • Even his vehicle is similar in appearance to an Arwing. He is the leader of the space patrol unit, Galaxy Dogs, which is a parody of Star Fox.
    • According to Nintendo Power, "It's just one of the fun things the developers decided to put into F-Zero GX". They also stated "As similar in looks as they are, Fox and James McCloud don't have any connection".[1]
    • In Lap 33 of F-Zero: GP Legend, the Anime counterpart of James McCloud had a former partner named O'Donnell, referencing the surname of Wolf O'Donnell, the rival of Fox McCloud and leader of the Star Wolf squadron.
    • Additionally, Lap 33 also mentions characters that share the same names with Peppy Hare and Pigma Dengar. In the anime, they are part of Galaxy Dog alongside James. In the Star Fox series, however, Peppy is associated with Star Fox (the squadron), and Pigma was temporarily associated with Star Wolf but formerly part of Star Fox until he betrayed Fox's father.
    • To play around with references further, one of the endings in the DS game Star Fox Command shows Fox and Falco entering their machines into G-Zero Grand Prix, which is a parody of F-Zero.[2]



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