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|voiceactor=<br />
|voiceactor=<br />
'''Anime''' - Marc Thompson
'''Video Games''' - Alan Brey <small>(GX; singing)</small><br />'''Anime''' - Marc Thompson
|japanactor=<br />
|japanactor=<br />
'''Anime''' - Kazuki Yao
'''Anime''' - Kazuki Yao

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Age: 19

Sex: Male

Jack is a former pop-group member who set the entertainment industry on fire by pursuing his dream to become an F-ZERO pilot, and he now wins the hearts of many female fans on the F-ZERO scene. Any merchandise bearing Jack's face is an instant sellout. While most people speak only of his good looks and popularity, his racing skills are also worthy of comment.

Since F-Zero X, Jack's appearence has been drastically changed, from his combed, neat hair, to his spikey hair.


Growing up, Jack was always considered quite the pretty boy. His father left them behind when Jack was only four, forcing him to take on a lot of responsibility when his mother became permanently bedridden due to the Gonskie Flu when Jack was only nine. He spent most of his childhood in poverty until he joined a pop music group. With this came a lot of fame, which only increased when he became a F-Zero pilot.

His picture was submitted by his sisters to the F-Zero officials who were looking for a young face to attract younger audiences. His popularity only increased as he became a pilot, leading to the release of action figures, trading cards, and holographic Halloween costumes all in his likeness. His public appearances are always filled with hordes of female fans. His popularity tends to disgust his fellow F-Zero pilots. Despite his good looks and popularity, people rarely talk about his actual racing skill.

GP Legend

In the GP Legend continuity, Jack is a member of the Mobile Task Force and a friendly rival to protagonist Rick Wheeler.

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