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Jack Levin is a former pop-group member who set the entertainment industry on fire by pursuing his dream to become an F-ZERO pilot, and he now wins the hearts of many female fans on the F-ZERO scene. Any merchandise bearing Jack's face is an instant sellout. While most people speak only of his good looks and popularity, his racing skills are also worthy of comment.

Since F-Zero X, Jack's appearance has been drastically changed, from his combed, neat hair, to his spiky hair, which debuted in F-Zero GX.


Jack is a popular ex-idol and F-Zero pilot, having a large and predominantly female fanbase. Any merchandise bearing his face on it will usually sell out quickly, causing it to be rare.

Astro Robin

He joined F-Zero as a way to showcase his looks and talent. His machine, the Astro Robin, was designed while keeping his "lightning-like" driving style in mind, and has a strong grip.

F-Zero GP Legend

Jack Levin in the anime

In the GP Legend continuity, Jack is a member of the Mobile Task Force and a friendly rival to protagonist Rick Wheeler. He's often seen to be an instigator, and gets into trouble quite often, such as when he removed a crucial part of Rick Wheeler's machine (which was actually a part from the Astro Robin), which ended up costing Rick that race and resulting in Jack getting scolded by Jody Summer.

Jack was also at one point known as the Death Reaper (or the Shinigami). He eventually ended up getting arrested by Jody Summer one day, which was the key turning point for Jack. Jack had changed his ways thereafter, leaving his criminal ways behind and joining the Mobile Task Force.

In the end of Lap 23, it is revealed that Jack was born on May 5th and is currently 24 years old. His blood type is Type O, the rarest of all. In Lap 35, he shares a room in the Falcon House, where he's not so neat; the 9-room building also houses Rick, Burt Lemming, and Clank Hughes

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