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The Iron Tiger is an F-Zero machine piloted by Baba.


The F-Zero Executive Project Committee commissioned their Pilot Training School to build this machine in order to help train up-and-coming F-Zero pilots. Their hope was to create a machine to help these pilots bear the burden of winning future Grand Prix championships. The charm of the Iron Tiger is stable operability. Combined with Baba's wild driving style, the Machine Design Committee has succeeded in achieving an even higher degree of potential from this machine. The machine boasts great body and grip ratings in exchange for its lackluster boost. However, its weight makes it more difficult to control than other machines with an A grip rating.


  • Number: 04
  • Creator: F-Zero Pilot Training School - Machine Design Committee
  • Engine: RF-2E-SDx2
  • Weight: 1780kg
  • Body: B
  • Boost: D
  • Grip: A


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