Hot violet

Megan's F-Zero machine, Hot Violet.

In keeping with the popular trend of the times, this machine is designed with a "classic car" feel to it. It's Equipped with two side engines with jet intakes known as "onion nozzles" because of their unique design. The engine type itself is unknown, and the designer of this machine is a secret as well. Megan dodges inquires into the origin of the machine by that it was a gift from a fan. This machine is meant to be a balanced machine, but each of its few advantages is outweighed by some other more significant disadvantage. It's a machine that calls for a lot of Blast-Turn practice.

  • Max Speed Normal: 422 km/h
  • Max Speed Boost: 579
  • Boost Time (sec.): 6
  • Body Strength (/100): 69
  • Turn Performance: B
  • Turn Balance: C


This is one of the vehicles that requires a skilled pilot because each of its advantages is generally overcome by a more significant disadvantage for each advantage.

Its boost system is one of the worst because it has poor acceleration in boost mode, so it takes a long time to reach its maximum speed in boost mode. This almost completely negates its high boost speed. The poor acceleration in boost mode can be mitigated by entering boost mode just after hitting a dash plate, in which case the high boost speed can help because it is not hindered by the poor boost mode acceleration.

Its good turn performance is neutered by its medium level traction (also known as its turn balance), so avoiding other vehicles and sudden obstacles becomes more difficult. Using blast turns and its high turn performance can help the pilot navigate corners quickly, but these do not help avoid sudden obstacles like mines and other vehicles because these strategies only work for obstacles and turns that are seen far off in the distance.

This machine does not have the required armor or traction to safely use mines and bombs for speed boosts.

You will have to obstruct other vehicles at times to get at least third place in many races in master difficulty.

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