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Goroh: The Vengeful Samurai is the second chapter of the story mode in F-Zero GX. It is unlocked by spending 20 tickets to purchase it in the F-Zero Shop after completing Captain Falcon Trains. In this chapter, Captain Falcon's objective is to beat Samurai Goroh in a point-to-point race across Red Canyon.


While on the lookout for targets in Red Canyon, Samurai Goroh and his gang spot Captain Falcon chasing after Black Shadow. They charge down to the road and force Falcon to stop. Goroh claims that Falcon "stole" the prize from him in the last Grand Prix, and states that anyone who loses in Red Canyon must forfeit their vehicle. Falcon is uninterested in Goroh's challenge, and prepares to leave, but Goroh holds him at knifepoint and begins taunting him, effectively forcing Falcon to accept the challenge. After the harrowing race ends, Captain Falcon comes out the victor, but continues with his goal, letting Samurai Goroh keep the Fire Stingray, though it explodes. Samurai Goroh is left vowing revenge in the Grand Prix.

Difficulty Changes: Goroh becomes more skilled, and more rocks are added on the side of the track as obstacles.


  • This is the only time where Red Canyon is featured in F-Zero GX..
  • Here's the intro music here:

    F-Zero GX AX Music Story Mode Chapter 2 - Goroh The Vengeful Samurai

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