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*Made By: Kevin Stuart
*Made By: Kevin Stuart
*Weight:3130 lbs.
*Body: D
*Body: D
*Boost: A
*Boost: A

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Golden Fox

The Golden Fox was developed by the now deceased Kevin Stewart who placed all priority on acceleration when building this vehicle. Accordingly, the body is light to reduce G force on the course surface. As a result, its grip on the track is poor for such a powerful machine. Because of this design, when the Golden Fox corners, it is difficult to maintain a balance between speed and control. It is also admittedly weak when facing attacks. A refined driving technique is an absolute requirement for its pilot.[1][2]


In the first game In the folowing games
  • Made by: Kevin Stuart
  • Engine: GF-2614x4
  • Max. Horsepower: 2,950 PS
  • Max. Speed:438 Km/h
  • Total Weight:1,020 Kg
  • Number:03
  • Made By: Kevin Stuart
  • Weight:3130 lbs.
  • Body: D
  • Boost: A
  • Grip: D


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