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Garage in F-Zero X Expansion Kit

Garage mode first appeared in the japan only tittle F-Zero X Expansion Kit.

It's second appearance was on F-Zero GX, where the player can create his own machine using parts from the Shop. The player can also unlock new parts in the Grand Prix Mode and Story Mode.

F-Zero X Expansion Kit parts

F-Zero GX parts

Body Parts Cockpit parts Booster Parts
Speedy Dragon Windy Shark Bazooka -YS
Splash Whale Rave Drifter Bluster -X
Liberty Manta Aerial Bullet Boxer -2C
Optical Wing Dark Chaser Comet -V
Brave Eagle Moon Snail Devilfish -RX
Funny Swallow Crystal Egg Euros -01
Holy Spider Blast Camel Extreme -ZZ
Rapid Barrel Wonder Worm Impulse 220
Silver Sword Sonic Soldier Jupiter -Q
Sky Horse Scud Viper Mars -EX
Space Cancer Bright Spear Meteor -RR
Aqua Goose Red Rex Punisher -4X
Wild Chariot Muscle Gorilla Raiden -88
Fire Wolf Cyber Fox Saturn -SG
Mad Bull Super Lynx Sunrise 140
Valiant Jaguar Heat Snake Scorpion -R
Giant Planet Energy Crest Thunderbolt -V2
Grand Base Spark Bird Tiger -RZ
Dread Hammer Crazy Buffalo Titan -G4
Big Tyrant Combat Cannon Triangle -GT
Megalo Cruiser Garnet Phantom Triple -Z

F-Zero GX Japanese parts

Body Parts Cockpit parts Booster Parts
Galaxy Falcon Rush Cyclone Crown -77
Rage Knight Round Disk Mars -EX
Blood Raven Hyper Stream Velocity -J
Mad Bull Crazy Buffalo Shuttle -M2
Metal Shell Maximum Star Hornet -FX
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