The Galactic Space Federation is an intergalactic Police organization whose primary goal is to keep high profile criminals like Zoda, or Black Shadow behind bars.

In the anime

In the anime, a small platoon of pilots are dispatched to prevent Racers Like Zoda from receiving the prize money.


Character Primary Role/Rank Is affiliated in timeline
Jody Summer Combat pilot/Interpreter GX TImeline/GP Legend timeline
Rick Wheeler Undercover Agent/Director of Operations GP Legend timeline
Dr. Stewart Doctor GP Legend timeline
Dr. Clash Engineer GP Legend timeline
Lucy Liberty Engineer GP Legend timeline
Mr. EAD Experimental robot often used for heavy lifting GP Legend timeline
Lily Flyer Back-Up Unit GX timeline
John Tanaka Engineer GX timeline
J-Love-1 Companion of John Tanaka GX timeline


Allied people

Super Arrow Targets Zoda
Captain Falcon Bounty Hunter
Samurai Goroh Bounty Hunter
Mrs. Arrow Works along side with Super Arrow
Phoenix Police Officer from the 29th century
QQQ Companion of Phoenix
Antonio Guster Former fugitive now Bounty Hunter


Name Charges
Zoda Criminal Financing, Weapons Trafficking, Organization Leader
Black Shadow Terrorism, Robbery, Attempted Homicide
PJ Multiple Speeding Violations
Pico Multiple Homicides
Michael Chain Organized Crime
Don Genie Criminal Financing
Blood Falcon Association with Black Shadow, Terrorism
Deathborn Multiple Charges. Currently the Galactic Space Federation's most wanted criminal.
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