Appearance in F-Zero GP Legend

The Fire Needle is Samurai Goroh's gunship which was introduced in the anime, F-Zero: GP Legend. The Fire Needle boasts a huge blade on its front, as well as other hidden (and unexplained) devices, even a tractor beam for stealing bounty. Its skills, and size, even rival Goroh's wife's ship, the Excellent Queen, excepting transforming into a giant battle crustacean. Its weapons are nothing to snuff at either, such as its guns, lasers, and missiles. It's almost like its enemy gunships, the Galaxy Runner of the Elite Mobile Task Force, and the Falcon Flyer belonging to Captain Falcon. It does cause the town at Planet Cryton to shake as it emerges from underground, much like the Galaxy Runner emerging from underwater.

This was indeed Goroh's prized possession, even while bounty hunting and stealing the loot. And it houses his band of thieves: Sasuke, Tsukikage, and Birichi, even his former friend Antonio Guster at one point.

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