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F-Zero X (N64) walkthrough - Fire Field


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Fire Field

Fire Field (a better view of the lava).

Fire Field was once one of the greatest places in the galaxy to harvest minerals. But the leading resources company was too greedy and dug too deep and hit a volcano. It caused a huge explosion that turned the place into a fire hell full of extremely hot magma. The resources company was driven to the crisis of bankruptcy, but teamed up with project F-Zero and constructed a F-Zero circuit amongst the crimson lotus flames.

Appearance in the games

Fire Field first appeared as the last and hardest track in the original F-Zero. It features dangerous turns and a fork in the road near the end.

In F-Zero X, Fire Field is the first track of the King Cup, it's easier than in the original, but has a zigzag jump and a sharp ascent. Fire Field 2 in the EXpansion Kit, has a 180 degree rollover as well as a cylinder that can throw you off at the end of it.

In F-Zero GX, Cylinder Knot is a simple cylinder course and Undulation lacks guard rails in many places and the track's elevation is constantly changing making it very dangerous.

In F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, Fire Field appears as the final two tracks of the game, Land Mine Circuit, and Warrior Circuit. Land Mine Circuit, as the name of the track states, it a circuit with a barrage of mines, it also has lava, and has wide areas to dodge the mines. Warrior Circuit is also contains mines, however it is filled with many turns and more obstacles.

In F-Zero: GP Legend it appears again as the fifth track for the Bronze Cup (Blast Track), and the fourth track (Wreckage Circuit) in the Gold Cup. Blast Track is a simple oval but is riddled with bombs and lava at the edges, and is used as an obstacle to avoid. Wreckage Circuit is a simple track but the turns are circular with bombs around.

In F-Zero Climax, two tracks and it's Expert and Master variations appear. Heat Circuit is a simple track with turns and lava, while it's variation Burnt-Out Rink, includes explosives and a few more turns on the track. Front Line 1 (and 2) is a track decked with Lava, and Explosives.

Also, the SNES F-Zero Fire Field appears in both GP Legend and Climax as the final track in the Platinum Cup, nearly unchanged. Fire Field is the only course to appear in every F-Zero game.