Fire Ball

Mickey Marcus's machine, Fire Ball.

The designer of the Fire Ball (the pilot himself.) boats that the machine is the ultimate combustion of speed and beauty. It uses two old fashioned CHASER JET Type-B engines, which are side mounted. The age of the engines raised some doubt to the machine's acceleration capability. While it has cornering quirks, effective use of Blast Turns keeps this machine in the thick of things.

  • Max Speed Normal: 440 km/h
  • Max Speed Boost: 565
  • Boost Time (sec.): 6.5
  • Body Strength (/100): 82
  • Turn Performance: C
  • Turn Balance: B


This machine is a good machine out of the initial four machines that you can choose from.

Take advantage of this machine's high top speed by mastering blast turns.

Its boost has high acceleration and a good top speed, so consider taking advantage of it to recover from a bad turn.

Its poor acceleration can be mitigated with a good rocket start, its good boost, and by mastering blast turns.

Its great armor can be used to allow the user to drive more aggressively compared to other vehicles.

Its mediocre turn speed is mitigated with its good traction and blast turns. If you fail to master blast turns, you will drop enough speed for its poor acceleration to become a problem.

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