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Captain Falcon is at his Headquarters, polishing up his pistol. After sliding it back within its holdster, Falcon starts to hear strange voices emanating from inside the Universal Championship Belt. It is three ghosts who all claim the have created the entire World (of F-Zero). After a brief discussion with the Captain, explaining to him all that they have set-up, the three spirits emerge and combine into a ghost-like Blue Falcon (Named Staff Ghost in-game) in an attempt to rip out Falcon's soul body from his body to turn it into 'their creation' (the true definition behind this remains an unclear mystery). Not backing down, Falcon hops onboard his Blue Falcon and starts his engines as he prepares for the race of his life...


Creator 1: Falcon. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...

Creator 2: Falcon, nehahahahahahahahaha...

Creator 3: Look, I'm over here Falcon! Ho Ho Ho Ho!

Captain Falcon: Who are you?!

Creator 1: Ha Ha Ha! We are the Creator!

Captain Falcon: What are you talking about?

Creator 2: Mehheheh, we created the whole world.

Creator 3: What a surprise! Ya beat Deathborn, with out best creation.

Captain Falcon: Your best creation? (Creators laughing) So, it was you who set up everything! But why?

Creator 1: To tell you the truth, there are no universal forces.

Captain Falcon: What!?

Creator 2: And now you have become the champion of the two Grand Prix!

Creator 3: And we'll take out your soul from your body, and turn it into our creation! (Three different colored ghosts fly out of the Belt. The room transforms into a colorful alternate dimension) Are you ready? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ! (The three ghosts transform into a phantom-like Blue Falcon)

Captain Falcon: Come off it. You think you can beat me? No way! (Jumps into his own 'solid' Blue Falcon. Engines Fire up)


  • During the beginning cutscene, the word 'with' is spoken but never shown within the Subtitles.
    • This leads to many confusion amongst fans that The Creators are only mentioning Deathborn as their creation, when infact they are referring to the Blue Falcon as their best creation. (Though technically, both subjects are theirs to begin with as they have stated to have created the entire world.)
    • Their motives ultimately remain a true mystery as well, as the definitions stated by them aren't perfectly clear either. Some people determine that the Creators were going to turn Falcon into a newer creation, possibly another Deathborn, however no proof exists of this ever occurring. The Creators could possibly also refer to the Blue Falcon as Captain Falcon's soul. As the Blue Falcon is perhaps the most important object in his racing career. (evidence of this suggests the ghosts did that, as they immediately copied the Blue Falcon in an attempt to defeat the original and its Pilot.)
  • The Credits being played out at the end of this Chapter bear a striking resemblance to the Credits Sequences from other SEGA titles (such as Sonic Heroes or Shadow the Hedgehog). Like these titles in similar fashion, during the Credits Roll, the small movie window off to the right side of the screen displays all other Chapter end cutscenes in proper order; 1-8 one after the other.
  • Curiously, the entire Credits sequence being played out is all one whole Music Track. Even the Creators' screams and Falcon's sound effects are all part of this Track (see above).

    F-Zero GX AX Music Story Mode Chapter 9 - Finale Enter the Creators

  • Here's the intro music:
  • And here's the Falcon Chorus:

    F-Zero GX Story Mode Ending Theme

Chapter #8
Secrets of the Champion Belt
Chapter #9
Finale: Enter the Creators
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