SSBB hack - Mute City (Melee)

SSBB hack - Mute City (Melee)

Mute city 1 Figure-8 is the first course in the Jack Cup in F-zero X. And reapeard in super smash bros melee as a trohpy and a stage.


The Layout of the course is the shape of a figure-8 with the races starting In the center of the figure 8. At the first turn the track becomes extremly wide with two boosters to use followed by a fairly sharp turn, which the player may slam into if they over boost. After the turn is imideatly followed by a short tunnel with two long energy pads at the end of the tunnel followed by another turn. After that turn there is a medium sized loop with many boosters on the loop with a jump that can be used to gain extra speed.

In Super Smash Bros Melee

Figure 8 reapears in super smash bros melee under the name mute city. The track is noticbly smaller making falling of the course fairly easy. Unlike port town areodive in brawl the Machines racing on the course can be damaged.

Back Ground

The senery of this course in both super smash bros melee and In brawl depict mute city having many grey skyscrapers near the track with large buildings in the back ground that may be factories. One thing that will be noticed right away with this course is the pink sky which may be caused from light polution.

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