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The Fat Shark is an F-Zero machine piloted by Don Genie.


The Fat Shark was designed by Don Genie, and financed by his vast fortune. As such it was given extraordinary capabilities. Because Don Genie has many enemies, he made extra certain the machine had a powerful body to protect him. The result leaves it with above average speed, but makes the machine very difficult to control. It has the second highest top speed in the game (losing only to Black Bull).


  • Number: 31
  • Creator: Genie Universal Entertainment Inc.
  • Engines: NG-S05-GOLD x5
  • Weight: 2490kg
  • Body: A
  • Boost: B
  • Grip: E


  • The Fat Shark is the heaviest machine, as of F-Zero GX/AX 's release.
  • Many professional players of F-Zero GX have called the Fat Shark the best non-custom vehicle in the game, due to maintaining a fast top speed, a quick boost, and a strong protection system.
  • The cockpit of the fat shark resembles a cut gem.
  • The game says that the engine is made out of gold.