Falcon House

Burt/Bart Lemming is the manager of Falcon House, a café dedicated to Captain Falcon which serves the best coffee Mute City has to offer. This is the place where Burt lives; it's located only a couple of stories up from Falcon House and features seven rooms, including a bedroom for Clank Hughes and guest bedrooms for Rick Wheeler and Jack Levin.

Inside the Falcon House

When Burt runs the Falcon House, it costs 280 space credits for coffee, and 480 for breakfast. It is open from 8 am to 9 pm, and sells coffee and cakes during the mornings. In addition, it also sells gum, notepads, cups and products. There's also curry on the menu in the Falcon House. And the one thing that Burt hates is mushrooms. In Lap 35, Bart shares the Falcon House with Clank, Rick, and Jack. He said that the boy gets lost there often, Rick is always neat, and Jack isn't. He also wants it to be cleaned 5 times a day.

Falcon House apartment

At one pont, during Lap 7, Burt had hired Dream as a new employee for the Falcon House. However, it was short-lived since she eventually decided to marry Truman; we never saw her again afterwards.

In Lap 9
Falcon Profile image

Burt running Falcon House

(in the English dubs), Burt has hired Roger Buster and Draq to take care of some intergalactic deliveries for the Falcon House, including the exotic mangos Alias was fascinated with. While he was there, everyone encouraged him he must go for his heart surgery coming up; that if he wants to be an F-Zero racer, he must take risks. There was also a rivalry bbetween Rick and Roger as well for the upcoming Fake Star cup, as they wanted to win for Alias.

In Lap 12 (of the American dubs), Burt has taken in the orphan from Planet Forno, Clank Hughes. In it, Burt has given him a bargain that as long as he stops joyriding, he'll stay within the Falcon House and follow his dreams living in Mute City as an F-Zero racer.

At Lap 27, it was revealed Burt used to hire Leon as a busboy for the Falcon House, however, because of Beastman's vengeance on him and wolves in general, he hasn't been employed there since. It was too bad since he had a thing for Lucy.

In Lap 33, James McCloud was shown around the Falcon House by Rick. The scoundrel only preferred black coffee iinstead of Rick's sweet coffee as he claimed it's too weak. However by the end of the episode, he then tries it as a token of their friendship.

In Lap 35, Clank got up late one nght to get himself a drink and unknowingly unlocked a secret passage via putting a beverage back in the refrigerator. He crept down to a hidden garge where it housed the legendary Blue Falcon! And he was the only one who discovered Burt was Falcon, thanks to the bullet wound on his shoulder Miss Killer inflicted the race prior.

Shortly after in Lap 38, Burt uses crimson flowers as decor for the Falcon House; that alone reminded Jody of his long, lost brother, and she thought it could be as Burt in disguise. She never had a clear answer, though.


Haruka running the joint in 2207

At the end of each episode in the Japanese anime, Burt showcases a short segment named Burt's Classroom in which he expressess his thoughts by using a miniature robot of himself.

Clank sometimes takes charge as Burt's away on missions as Capt. Falcon. But at the finale of the anime, Haruka Misaki runs the place in Burt's permanent absence after Falcon's sacrifice.

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