F-Zero License Card

An F-Zero License Card is both an in-game and real world object.
F-Zero License Card

A Real World F-Zero License Card with PJ. Note The Printed I.D., Pilot Rank, Custom Vehicles, And Achivement Sections.

Real World

A printed F-Zero License Card may be purchased from any F-Zero AX machine for various prices. It is used In conjunction with the player's Nintendo Gamecube Memory Card to both provide connectivity between F-Zero GX and F-Zero AX, and to store the player's Player Data for F-Zero AX. However, purchasing an F-Zero License Card is completely optional, and if not inserted into the machine when the player starts the game a default selection of vehicles are provided to race in.

Using an F-Zero License Card and a Nintendo Gamecube Memory Card in combination also allows the player to use any vehicles stored in their garage on their F-Zero GX save to race in F-Zero AX on the cabinet's exclusive courses.


In the canon of F-Zero GX/AX an F-Zero License is required to participate in official F-Zero tournaments. It is assumed that they function In a similar manner to their real life counterparts by providing identification, keeping track of one's custom machines, and displaying one's Pilot's Rank and other achievements, although this is not explored in detail in either game.

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