F-Zero GX is a futuristic racing video game for the Nintendo Gamecube console. Developed by Sega's Amusement Vision department, it was released in Japan, Europe and North America, in 2003. Its arcade counterpart, F-Zero AX, utilizes hardware conceived from a business alliance between Nintendo, Namco and Sega. F-Zero GX runs on an enhanced version of the engine that powered Super Monkey Ball. The game is considered and ranked as one of the best racers of its time and the greatest racer on the GameCube platform.

F-Zero GX is the fifth / sixth installment in the F-Zero series and the successor to F-Zero X. The game continues the series' difficult, high-speed racing style, retaining the basic gameplay and control system from the Nintendo 64 title. A heavy emphasis is placed on track memorization and reflexes, which aids in completing the title. GX introduces a "story mode" element, where the player walks in the footsteps of Captain Falcon through nine chapters while completing various missions.

Returning Pilots:

Captain Falcon

Dr. Stewart


Samurai Goroh

Antonio Guster

Mrs. Arrow



Bio Rex

Black Shadow

Blood Falcon

Dr. Clash



Gomar & Shioh

Jack Levin

James McCloud

Jody Summer

John Tanaka

Kate Alen


Michael Chain

Mighty Gazelle


Roger Buster

Silver Neelson

The Skull

Super Arrow


New Pilots:


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