In Grand Prix mode, should the racer in question (of the Player's choosing) beat out the entire competition by winning 1st place in one of five different F-Zero Grand Prix cups, the driver shall be interviewed by Mr. Zero himself live on F-Zero TV. The questions asked (as well as Mr. Zero's attire and standard dialogue) vary by difficulty on which the Grand Prix was won. Also, some questions may vary by cup. The audience (Player) can choose what to ultimately ask the Champion being currently interviewed. When a question has already been asked, the sentence will be blacked out, but can be asked again regardless. You only get to ask one question per victory! In order to hear another response, you'll have to win the same or similar Grand Prix (with that character) again!

NOTE: To ask a Question, the following requirements must be met:

  • Obviously, survive and win 1st Place on any one F-Zero Grand Prix cup on any difficulty. This means it's okay if you do not win 1st place in a few races so long as the total amount of victory points for all tracks per Cup wins you 1st Place at the end of the Grand Prix.
  • It can be any one racer per Grand Prix, however you must win using only the Pilot's own vehicle! No Original/Custom Machines! It is okay to have emblems applied to a Pilot's Machine, so long as the Machine belongs to them and is not a Custom/Original made one using parts.

In addition, when achieving 1st place in a Grand Prix on the Expert or Master classes of difficulties, after the interview a small character exclusive cutscene will play during the credits (as well as the credits themselves!). Again, the cutscene depends on who you won the Grand Prix with! (Falcon = Falcon, etc.) Any cutscene 'won' in Grand Prix Mode will be Unlocked for viewing within the respective Pilot's profile page in the Profile menu section.

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