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[[Samurai Goroh]]
[[Samurai Goroh]]
[[Antonio Guster]]
[[Mrs. Arrow]]
[[Bio Rex]]
[[Black Shadow]]
[[Blood Falcon]]
[[Dr. Clash]]
[[Mr. EAD]]
[[Gomar & Shioh]]
[[Jack Levin]]
[[James McCloud]]
[[Jody Summer]]
[[John Tanaka]]
[[Kate Alen]]
[[Michael Chain]]
[[Mighty Gazelle]]
[[Roger Buster]]
[[Silver Neelson]]
[[The Skull]]
[[Super Arrow]]
New Pilots:
New Pilots:

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F-Zero AX is a futuristic racing video game for Triforce in the arcades. Developed by Sega's Amusement Vision department, it was released in Japan, Europe and North America, in 2003 alongside of its Nintendo GameCube counterpart, F-Zero GX. F-Zero AX is the second game from Sega to utilize the "Triforce" hardware conceived from a business alliance between them, Nintendo and Namco. This hardware allows for connectivity between the GameCube and arcade games.

F-Zero AX is the fifth / sixth installment in the F-Zero series and the successor to F-Zero X. The game continues the series difficult, high-speed racing style, retaining the basic gameplay from the Nintendo 64 title. The in-game differences between F-Zero AX and GX lie in particular to their number of vehicles and tracks. Both games have their own exclusive tracks, vehicles and vehicle parts. However, everything in the Triforce version can be unlocked in the GameCube version.

Returning Pilots:

Captain Falcon

Dr. Stewart


Samurai Goroh

New Pilots:

Dai Goroh

Dai Sen Gen

Don Genie

Lily Flyer



Princia Ramode



Terry "Digi-Boy" Getter

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