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Elite Mobile Platoon Breakup
General Information
Original broadcast July 6, 2004
Series F-Zero: GP Legend
Season 2
Episode number 39
Production number 39
Overall number 39
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Black Shadow summons Miss Killer to his throne room to show her something neat. He points to a containment pod and its shatters, spilling silver goop all over the floor. No, that's not the good part. The goop, seemingly sentient, bunches up again and builds itself into a malleable form before solidifying, creating a human shape. Remember Blood Falcon? He's back! In liquid form! With another gesture, Blood Falcon shrinks and reforms into a long bullet which Miss Killer is ordered to use to kill the leader of the Galaxy Mobile Platoon.

Tanaka and the chief are watching the Platoon take part in a wet and windy F-Zero race, battling through even the hardest of weather as they start the final lap. The chief praises him on his work; Tanaka has clearly been essential in training the elite group.

Miss Killer runs alongside the Dragon Bird and gives Rick a threatening glance...but even after all this time, he can still only see his dear old girlfriend in that villainess's face. Distracted, he slows down and is overtaken, forcing Jody to shout at him and snap him out of his daze. He initiates his Spin Booster to make up for lost ground, hoping to knock out the Moon Shadow...but she dodges at the last second, leading him into the Astro Robin instead! Both machines tumble and crash spectacularly, and despite Jody's best efforts, Miss Killer claims victory. Clash can barely believe it; of all the days the chief has to visit, this is the one.

John Tanaka is distraught at this outcome, and pleads to the chief that is is a rare occurrence - it must've been the rain! The chief, however, expresses no disappointment and makes his leave, though Tanaka hounds him all the way to his car, offering all sorts of favors to get a good response out of him. He slips on a puddle and knocks the chief to the ground...

Now that got a reaction.

Jody and Dr. Stewart run to their aid, but the chief's ride escorts him away with a frown on his face. Tanaka is mighty concerned about this incident being the end of his career, though Jody offers to apologise to the chief tomorrow; John urges her to say it wasn't his fault. I mean, it was her fault for losing the race in the first place! The doctor sighs.

The blame game continues back at Platoon headquarters, with Jack claiming Rick making goo-goo eyes at the enemy was what made him fall behind. The others leap to his defense but no matter what caused it, they're in a bad state - their reputation has been sullied, the chief has been humiliated, and Dark Million has got the prize money!

Clank runs off to see how Jody and Stewart are getting on in the chief's office, and peeks through the open door. The chief reiterates that he holds no ill will for the Platoon; their track record is more than enough to earn his respect. However, from the city below comes a suspicious glare...

A sniper taking aim! Pico fires into the chief's office and everyone dives for cover... but no one's been hurt, thankfully. Only the bust of the chief took a bullet to the bonce, Clank notices. Jody and the doctor set out to try and find the attacker and take Clank with them, but he ponders to himself: why would a sniper aim at a statue?

The chief continues his work unfazed, as a silver ooze pours out of the statue's shothole and a doppelganger of himself forms before his eyes! Clank catches sight of this but is too terrified to act, and makes a run for it.

He tells of his sighting to Rick, but he thinks Clank's just looking for attention until the boy mentions the earlier sniper attack. The two find Jody and Stewart returning from their search with no success, and Clank follows after them eager to convince them, but nobody's listening.

As Rick drives home that night, he finds police cars outside his apartment building and cops digging through his possessions. The moment he enters the door he's put under arrest, but gets no answer when he asks what his crime is.

Jody is furious about this and takes the case to the chief. He claims the Platoon is housing a rat who's been leaking info to Dark Million, and Rick is the number one suspect. The evidence? A diary and a photo of him and a woman - clearly Miss Killer! Jody tries to argue that point, but has an accusation shot her way as well: they employed a child as their data analyst?!

With people like these, it's no wonder data has been leaked to the enemy. The chief may have plans to scrap the Galaxy Mobile Platoon and fire the lot of them!

The Platoon are in uproar over this news, but orders are orders. Jack's had enough of all this and takes to the streets, running his Astro Robin wild and causing destruction and mayhem!

Even an otherwise mundane machine test with Clash and Lucy turns vicious when the Elegance Liberty rams the Crazy Bear into the garage, causing a flaming wreck. Dr. Stewart and Jody mull over the recent commands from the chief, remarking it all seems very out-of-character for him. They theorise that he could have been replaced or brainwashed, but whatever the case, someone clearly has it out for the Platoon.

EAD comes rushing to them with the bad news: Clash has been hurt bad! The mechanic mumbles that the 'real' Lucy wasn't the one who caused it, before the doctor takes him to medbay. Lucy enters and is oblivious of the whole event; there's no way she could have done that, she was at the Falcon House when it happened! The group find Tanaka having another nervous breakdown...

Jack's rampage through the city has caused untold amounts of property damage, and the chief may have to fire him and Lucy! The Platoon argue there's no way Jack could have done such a thing, and Clank blames it on the 'fake', though the others shoot down his argument. That night, the boy visits the chief's office to prove his point once and for all.

While in the middle of examining the statue's entry hole, the lights flash on and the chief enters, telling him he has no business being here. Clank runs past him to the door but a hand grabs his collar...from too far away to be possible. The chief isn't just a doppelganger...it's a monster!!

Jody and the doctor are summoned to the office and told of Clank's unauthorized snooping. Jody is willing to give his doppelganger idea some credit, but the chief is having none of it - the Galactic Federation have approved for the Galaxy Mobile Platoon to be disbanded! Its members have only been getting up to more and more mischief, and it's risking too many lives at this point. A siren blares, alerting them of a Dark Million attack at the electric plant...but the chief reminds them there's no point in going. This is no longer their duty.

Meanwhile, Lucy and EAD find Jack in the hangar, asking if anyone else has used his machine: there's a strange silver residue on the controls. The same gunk is in Lucy's cockpit as well!

In his holding cell, Rick suddenly finds a surprise visitor waiting outside for him: it's Clank!

He deactivates the lasers and sets him free, filling him in on the shocking news, but two security guards try to stop them. Jody karate chops them both, but then the chief comes to impede their escape... and it's clearly not the chief they know. Jody delivers another chop to his shoulder, but her hand phases right through his body, reforming the moment she takes her hand from it. He then takes the form of Captain Falcon and boots Jody to the ground, but a blast to the forehead reveals who he really is...

Blood Falcon! Some furious laser blasting reduces him to a pile of mulch, giving the three a chance to escape and get to the power plant... oblivious that the slime is rebuilding itself...

A massive fleet of battle stations hover over the power plant, spraying laser fire upon it as Dark Million's racers destroy the towers by driving straight through them.

Jack, Lucy and EAD arrive on the scene, but are put out of commission by a group of Death Soldiers. The Galaxy Runner flies overhead, shooting down as many battle stations as it can to give the Dragon Bird a chance to disembark. What he doesn't know is a little bit of silver slime has found its way onto his roof...

Rick's machine is powerful enough to send the Dark Million racers flying, but the ooze slithers its way to the front and reforms into Blood Falcon...now boasting a pair of lances for arms! He lets loose into the front of the machine, gradually cracking his windscreen and hoping to get inside!

Conveniently enough, the Dragon Bird's Reactor Might begins to light up, and Rick is reminded of its intense power. He drives full pelt towards a flaming building, assured of his own safety, and summons the full power of his Boost Fire! Blood Falcon screams in agony...and his liquid metal form is reduced to nothingness.

His allies are glad that's taken care of, and more importantly that Rick didn't kill himself. They regroup at Platoon HQ after a job well done, but there's still one question... where's the chief? Jody blasts open the statue in his office, and they find the chief bound and gagged inside its podium.

Rick and Jody look out at the evening sky, both thinking the same thing: if Blood Falcon escaped the void, then there's a chance Captain Falcon did the same, right? The rest of the gang crowd in with great news - not only has the Platoon been re-established, but they've been given promotions! Jody is most pleased with this outcome, but after what they've been through today, their battles will only get harder from here on out. Everyone is ready to face that challenge, and are willing to follow Jody's leadership as long as it takes.


  • This episode aired on July 6th 2004, the day before Tanabata, which is why there's a Wish Tree in the corner of Burt's segment.
  • With the power of the Reactor Might, Blood Falcon was able to make himself morph into a Task Force member, first the Commissioner, in a liquid substance.
  • It's been a long time since we'd see the bad boy, Pico, since way back in episode 15.
  • Eh, while the Task Force has been promoted, it's doubtful they're anywhere near different than before. But the bad news is, the team is made public now which could render them, and their base, easy targets for Dark Million.



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