Lessly known as Dream Kaselin. While she may not be an F-Zero pilot and also a oneshot character, she has debuted in the anime, F-Zero GP Legend. During episode 7, she was a new worker for the Falcon House and is a huge fan of Rick along with her boyfriend, Truman. She and Truman were soon ambushed by a street gang within their old vintage car, but Super Arrow, ironically stepped in. He was a cocky savior, so Rick stepped in. He drove the gangsters away and as thanks for saving them, Truman wishes for him to come along for Dream's birthday. Rick did just that and also invited Lucy, though Jack and EAD backed down.

Rick, Lucy, and the Arrows met up with Truman and Dream at his mansion, which was mentioned it was inherited by his grandfather; that explained why he's such a millionare complete with a lustrous house, chandalier, and butlers! Truman then said he met Dream, by accident. She saw him flip over on a dark, sharp corner and she ran to his side hoping he'd wake up. She even stayed at his bedside after they were taken to the hospital, even when Truman urged her to go home. He stated she was his "dream come true." Dream only knew that she loved him, despite the fact he was a millionaire. She then stayed put as Truman invited the guests for a surprise for her downstairs, as quirked by Super Arrow. Little did she know, that Dream was being ambushed by Truman's butler who conspired with the Bloody Chain, led by Michael! Truman apparently made a bargain to protect themselves by capturing F-Zero pilots, including Rick, Lucy, and the Arrows. When she woke up, she was thankful that Truman saved her.

Truman and Dream married (Japan)

Her father, though, was very worried back at the Task Force headquarters, as Dream, Rick and Lucy never returned. The mayor of Mute City was urgent on tracking her down. Luckily, Dream convinced Truman to come to his senses and release her friends. Rick, Super Arrow, and his owl, Zukk, fended off the gang, then Michael retreated. Despite his treachery, Dream still loves Truman and they wish to get married as soon as possible. They did, and she convinced her dad that Truman's the one for her.

Truman and Dream married (English version)

In the English dub, it's shown that they're wedding was after a Mute Ciity race at the finish line. And they were in the audience already in their wedding garbs.

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