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The Dragon Bird is among the newest of the F-Zero machines. It has all of the Galaxy Police’s newest and utmost technology of 2201. The result is a perfectly balanced machine that is above average in all three categories but does not excel in any. With all of those new details, the machine is very easy to handle, but it also has the potential to handle the skilled techniques applied by the best pilots. Given this, it has among the best stats in the F-Zero series, even compared to the likes of the Blue Falcon. It is also the best Jet in the game because how balanced it is.


In F-Zero GP Legend Booklet

  • Number: 00
  • Creator: Dr. Clash
  • Weight: 1850kg
  • Body: B
  • Boost: B
  • Grip: B


  • The Dragon Bird's machine number is 00, due to Rick's unlimited potential. This is the exact same machine number as the Dark Schneider.
  • According to the anime in Lap 12, when Clank hacks into the machine, its password is 6957813426.
  • Its design can be shaped from the face of a horned dragon, the area surrounding the cockpit's where the face is with the back burners sticking out like horns.