Dr. Stewart (ドクター スチュワート?) was a licensed medical doctor and charismatic surgeon with legendary surgical skills. However, he was given the opportunity to become a F-Zero pilot due to the death of his father. In the game F-Zero GX, he is 42 and his fathers' name was Professor Kevin Stewart - the original owner and creator of Dr. Stewart's F-Zero vehicle, the Golden Fox.


Dr. Stewart is a male who has a straight face, has dark brown hair and wears a flashy yellow jumpsuit, accented by his blue boots and gloves. He wears a flowing red scarf around his neck that hangs out over his suit. In an interview in F-Zero GX, he claims to wear this scarf as a symbol of their friendship.[1]

He debuted with the November 21, 1990 release of the video game F-Zero in Japan. An eight-page comic was included in the manual of the 1990 SNES game, containing the original character designs of Dr. Stewart and the three other original pilots, as well as the F-Zero announcer - Mr. Zero. In the F-Zero comic featured in the manual for the SNES original F-Zero, Dr. Stewart was portrayed as quite the ladies' man.[2]

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