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Dr. Stewart (ドクター スチュワート?), sometimes referred to as Dr. Robert Stewart, was a licensed medical doctor and charismatic surgeon with legendary surgical skills. However, he was given the opportunity to become an F-Zero pilot due to the death of his father. In the game F-Zero GX, he is 42.

His father, Kevin Stewart, was known to be a scientist and professor. He is also the designer of Dr. Stewart's F-Zero vehicle, the Golden Fox.

Golden Fox

After Kevin Stewart passed away sometime before the SNES game, Dr. Stewart subsequently retooled his father's Golden Fox and became a pilot in the F-Zero races as well where he raced against the likes of Captain Falcon, Pico, and Samurai Goroh.

Allegedly due to uncertainties in timeline, several years after his F-Zero career started, there was a huge accident that injured several pilots. In the aftermath he put his skills as a surgeon to use, and thanks to his skills, none of his patients died.

When the new F-Zero X races began, he re-entered the Grand Prix, even though the prize went to Captain Falcon. He re-entered the following year aiming to win the prize. However, he did lose to Captain Falcon who won the lighter half of the Championship Belt raced against the Champion of the Underworld, Deathborn.

F-Zero GP Legend

He also made an appearance in the anime, F-Zero GP Legend, as a mentor and physician who joined the Elite Mobile Task Force next to the leader, Jody Summer. He often gives advice to those in need as well as putting his medical skills to the test, especially since he took Jody to a special hospital related to cyborgs, something which he only informed Rick Wheeler of.

It was later revealed to Dr. Stewart and Jody by Captain Falcon that that the galaxy would meet certain doom by Black Shadow in the 23rd century, unless they awaken Rick from cold sleep in order to combat Dark Million. Zoda was reanimated on account of the savior's coming, and Dr. Stewart was the only one who remained confident in the legend, so revived Rick.

In the GBA game, he was only seen briefly during Jack Levin's, Captain Falcon's and Jody's Story Modes, which are loosely based on the anime, though he wasn't one of the main characters there and could still be an opponent during many of the races. He was the one who assigned Falcon to search for Dr. Clash.

Dr. Stewart was also one of the main playable characters in F-Zero Climax.


Dr. Stewart is a male who has a straight face, has dark brown hair and wears a flashy yellow jumpsuit, accented by his blue boots and gloves. He wears a flowing red scarf around his neck that hangs out over his suit. In an interview in F-Zero GX, he claims to wear this scarf as a symbol of friendship. He is also quite the ladies' man, as evidenced in the SNES comics. [1]

He debuted with the November 21, 1990 release of the video game F-Zero in Japan. An eight-page comic was included in the manual of the 1990 SNES game, containing the original character designs of Dr. Stewart and the three other original pilots, as well as the F-Zero announcer - Mr. Zero[2]



  • It was stated on Lap 28 in the anime that the anime counterpart of Dr. Stewart's birthday is the same as Valentine's Day, February 14.
    • It was also mentioned that he was born in Mute City, and his blood type is AB.
  • The main version of Dr. Stewart appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a spirit and his fight is represented by Dr. Mario. In the World of Light mode, Dr. Stewart runs a Dojo.
  • Anthony Ropkin's machine in the modern day during Lap 14 is a red recolor of Dr. Stewart's Golden Fox.
  • Dr. Stewart is also allegedly the designer of Blitz Wagner's machine, but this is only stated in a Nintendo Power article, and not found in any manual nor guidebook.


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