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Dr. Clash is an F-Zero engineer unable to give up his dream of becoming an F-Zero pilot. He created a special gadget to compensate for his limited athletic abilities, and, after spending years of research to customize his F-Zero machine, finally got to race.


Dr. Clash was a former F-Zero engineer who would eventually become an F-Zero pilot by the time of the F-Zero X Grand Prix. After having taken into account the accident from three years prior, Dr. Clash designed the Crazy Bear, a machine of his own, and entered the new Grand Prix. He also designed Beastman's Hyper Speeder.

Although Clash didn't win, he entered once more the following year.

F-Zero GX

Crazy Bear

Dr. Clash appears in the F-Zero GX Story Mode during Chapter 3, working as a bartender at the Bet & Race Dollars bar in Mute City. After Silver Neelsen pleaded Captain Falcon to enter the bet race under disguise as 'Famicom,' Dr. Clash found the disguise to be humorous.

In his interviews, he reveals that he has greater plans for a machine called the Giant Bear.

F-Zero GP Legend


Dr. Clash's anime counterpart was portrayed as a promising mechanic of the Elite Mobile Task Force. He was eventually assigned an apprentice in the form of Lucy Liberty, resulting in two mechanics on the Task Force.

It is presumed that Dr. Clash also designed the Dragon Bird, as the anime counterpart of Captain Falcon requested the Task Force members (Jody Summer and Dr. Stewart's anime counterparts) to install one of the Reactor Mights within the machine for the savior of the galaxy, Rick Wheeler.

GP Legend game

He was supposed to be escorted by the anime counterpart of Captain Falcon, but was captured by Zoda. Clash was then brought to Black Shadow, but Falcon would end up rescuing Clash, to which Jody Summer was grateful for.


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