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This is a list of all quotes spoken by Don Genie.

F-Zero TV Interview

Dialogue Voice Clip
"It's not as exciting as it's rumored to be!"
"I don't think you poor folks could fully grasp my reasons!"
"Of course it is! How much do you think I spent on it?"
"My own judgement. I've defeated more rivals than there are stars in the sky!"
"I'm used to the envy of the poorer classes."
"Sit there all day watching TV, and you'll never be as successful as I am!"
"Those who should be at the top, get there! That's all there is to it."
"I have to go do a very important meeting! It may even affect the F-Zero."
"This won't even pay for my Cigars!"
"No, they're a complete waste of time!"
"I get more interest per second than the prize money of this race!"
"I've had to walk over the top of my opposition to get here. Could you do that?"
"That's right! I've taken every chance that came my way and clawed my way out of the slums!"
"Taking over the F-Zero will be my biggest financial commitment."
"None of them amount to much, but Falcon has potential."
"I'm not gonna waste even one credit on charity!"