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Don Genie is a famous head mogul of the universal traders and an intergalactic criminal.


Despite his riches, Don Genie has been arrested multiple times for his illegal trade of energy resources and weapons. For each arrest, he has had to pay a small fortune to be freed and allowed to walk.

Fat Shark

He recently became an F-Zero pilot. He spent a fortune purchasing the Fat Shark. It is unknown what his reasons for joining are, but it may be to promote his trading company. He himself has stated that controlling F-Zero will be his largest investment of all. He is believed to have connections to Black Shadow.


Don Genie is vastly rich. As such, he has developed an extremely narcissistic attitude and views other humans with contempt. He has little respect for his fellow pilots, though he thinks Captain Falcon has potential.

In F-Zero GP Legend and Climax

In F-Zero: GP Legend, Don Genie's history is quite different. No longer the head of the universal traders, this incarnation of Don Genie is instead a Dark Million Organization member. He first debuted in Lap 42, The Great Don Genie and he houses a palace in Planet Cryton, where Samurai Goroh and his band of thieves know him well. A dangerous racetrack was stationed there, and he and Berserker showed no relent to the stowaway Clank Hughes, not even the Death Soldiers. This showed Don as an enemy as well as a manipulator of the F-Zero Committee, and it's later revealed in Lap 45, Fate and Lap 50, Black Shadow (episode), that he's one of Black Shadow's "shadows". The evil emperor uses him as a disguise, along with Deathborn, and he finally met his demise as he and his Red Bull met their maker while the Task Force ventures into Dark Star.

In F-Zero Climax, despite not appearing, a pilot known as Berserker has been mentioned as working with Don Genie. However, it is also mentioned that Berserker was trying to infiltrate and sabotage the Dark Million Organization as a whole.



  • It is believed by some fans that Don Genie is the mobster that Captain Falcon arrests in the manual of the first F-Zero game.
  • Don Genie is the only AX pilot mentioned in a game that isn't F-Zero GX/AX.
    • He is also the only AX pilot to appear in the anime. Similarly, he and Deathborn are the only characters introduced in GX/AX to appear in the anime at all. This is likely due to many AX pilot's machine numbers already being taken by various original characters.

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