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These are all the quotes spoken by Digi-Boy.

F-Zero GX (F-Zero TV Interview)

Dialogue Voice Clip
"Hehhehheh! Who can beat my brains?"
"It was to check whether my simulation of the F-Zero was accurate."
"The computer program does all the hard work. I can operate it one handed."
"Everything went according to my simulation."
"Huh? Uh...They think they can beat me?"
"Everyone in my class, are you watching? The machine I made won!"
"QED. This should prove that my simulations are always accurate."
"I'm presenting an academic paper based on my research of the F-Zero."
"Capital for my company. We're developing a system that will change history."
"Handwriting is so primitive."
"I'd like to do some research into Samurai Goroh. He's intriguing!"
"Fieldwork is essential in research. I want to get out there and have adventures!"
"It's from Einstein Institute, where the brightest students in the galaxy go. I'm their number one!"
"Hehehehe! Who believes in such illusions?"
"Astronomy! It's the cornerstone of all my scientific research."
"There's a girl called Sharon in my class. But that's not quite going according to my simulation."
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