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Digi-Boy's real name is Terry Getter, and he's a young genius currently attending Einstein Academy. While he's still just a kid, he's been dubbed Digi-Boy because there is no digital device he can't deftly use-he's even invented many of his own. He's also analyzed every past F-ZERO race and has subsequently devised a perfect equation to work with his self-built machine so that he can win the next race.

He's extremely interested in Astronomy and it is the key to all of his scientific research. However, he's had little success with girls. There is a girl in his class named Sharon, but nothing has gone quite according to his simulations.

Cosmic Dolphin

He's closely analyzed all of the F-Zero races. From watching them he's developed an equation that he used in his Cosmic Dolphin, a machine he designed himself. He developed simulations of the F-Zero races to develop a winning strategy. As a result, his main reason for entering the F-Zero races is to see if his simulations are correct.

Theme Lyrics

It's not the way but it's the will understood

I know the way you think and what your gonna do next...

And I can feel the way you want me to feel

But it's the logic and reason that keeps fear away

I know you wanna stare me into the ground

But what I see is just another form of madness

If there's another way for you to break down

It's just to let you go first and make a mistake

I know what you're made of

I know what you next is


  • Digi-Boy's glasses resemble Professor E. Gadd's glasses from the Mario series.
  • It's possible that the character is a reference to Tails from the Sonic series
    • They're both 8 years old.
    • They both have the same name layout Terry "Digi-Boy" Getter, Tails "Miles" Prower.
    • Both have built their own machines.
    • Both are geniuses.
    • Digi-Boy's two back hair spikes could reference Tails "Miles" Prower's Tails.
    • Both have a mixing color scheme Yellow and white.
  • His name could be playoff on Nintendo's gaming handled systems. Example: Game Boy, Virtual Boy
  • Terry's name is people's ruler.
  • Since he can't seem to get Sharon to like him, his last name (Getter) is likely a pun on the phrase "get her."


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