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The planet of Takora doesn't have highly advanced scientific technology, so it was a challenge for the Takoraians to make a quality racer. They bought a used F-Zero machine with standard balance capabilities and equipped it with a cockpit that would make it easy for a Takoraian to operate. The Takoraians changed nothing in terms of the machine's capabilities--they are set to standard, providing the machine with a relaxed feel. If this machine is ever to win a Grand Prix, it will likely need some serious adjustment.

  • Number: 08
  • Creator: Kurosuminov Universal Shipbuilders
  • Weight: 990 kg
  • Body: B
  • Boost: B
  • Grip: C


  • The machine is number 08, possibly referencing the fact that Octoman has eight limbs.
  • The concept art of the Deep Claw in F-Zero X has the number 26 instead of the number 08.
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