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These are all the quotes of dialogue said by Deathborn.


Dialogue Voice Clip
"The legendary Grand Prix? Hardly challenging for someone of my talent."
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 1
"I have already won the F-Zero in the underworld."
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 2
"The Dark Schneider, the Wings of Darkness!"
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 3
"The same power that will enable me to control the world!"
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 4
"You dare to challenge MY supremacy?! You have a death wish?! Bwahahahahahaha!!!"
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 5
"You're all going to die. Say goodbye to your loved ones."
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 6
"The winner's belt is in my hands! The fate of the galaxy is in my hands! Gwahahahahahaha!!!"
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 7
"Dominate the galaxy, and create a new world, order."
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 8
"YOU can have it all!"
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 9
"Don't mess with me. You know the fate of the universe depends, on my mood."
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 10
"Yes! The dream is over! Now your worst, possible, nightmare, is about to begin. Gwahahahahahahaha!!!"
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 11
"This will be the last of these boring little races!"
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 12
"World domination! You, are all nothing more than pawns in my grand battle plan!"
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 13
"Make the world a much more...interesting place."
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 14
"None of you will ever truly be my rivals. Give!"
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 15
"Don't get up off your knees. Everyone is going to bow down to me eventually anyhow."
Deathborn (boss) Voice Clip 16

Story Mode

Dialogue Location Description
"One more chance is all you get. Win this F-Zero Grand Prix know the price of failure." Prologue: Black Shadow's Disgrace to Black Shadow.
"Black Shadow, you failed again! You good for nothing..." Chapter 7: The F-Zero Grand Prix Punishing Black Shadow for losing the race.
"I am Deathborn, the Grand Prix Champion of the Underworld. Why don't you and I race each other tomorrow? Surely, as champion you have to accept, nwahahahahahaha!" Chapter 7: The F-Zero Grand Prix Introducing himself to Captain Falcon, and challenging him to a race.
"I've been waiting for you. Did you bring the Champion's belt?" Chapter 8: Secrets of the Champion Belt Encountering Captain Falcon in the Underworld Racetrack.
"Good." Chapter 8: Secrets of the Champion Belt Pleased that the two belts are present.
"Falcon, shall I tell you something before you die? Dark and Light. The two great forces which make up our Universe. These two Universal forces are condensed in each of our belts. Didn't you know? At the moment when the two forces become one, it is possible to seize that power. Then I can turn this whole Galaxy into a pile of ashes in an instant!" Chapter 8: Secrets of the Champion Belt The Explanation about the secrets of the Champion belts, and his ultimate goal/plan.
"How I've waited for this moment! The world will fall into total darkness." Chapter 8: Secrets of the Champion Belt As he prepares to race Captain Falcon.
"Aahhhhh! No! It can't be! How can I lose?! Nooooooo..." Chapter 8: Secrets of the Champion Belt Being defeated by Captain Falcon and crashing into the Lava.


  • All of Deathborn's recorded lines of in-game (Interview) dialogue are registered under the name boss.
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