Death Wind, King League

Death Wind is a dangerous planet, torn by war and mutation, it is here Pico and the Polipoto Army is from.

Appearances in games



One side of the planet is gradually haunted by vicious wind storms, hence the name, while the rest of the side is named Devil's Forest, scientists are trying to reproduce plants in Devil's Forest, also being known as Green Plant. Death Wind was only seen in the original F-Zero featuring a circuit for the Knight League and another more deadlier one for the King League. Both courses consist a couple Dash Plates, with the latter having a third and more trickier one so close to the guardrail after a sharp turn. They also tend to have a small pit area and patches of dirt. But the most lethal part was the intense wind that's rumored to exceed 100 mph which tend to blow machines to the right and make them vulnerable to severe onslaughts.

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2

In the Japanese exclusive, it was labelled as Forest and has appeared 3 times, though it has been unconfirmed.

F-Zero X

It appears three times, labeled as Devil's Forest, in X.

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