Dark Star

Dark Star is the secret location of Dark Million, Black Shadow's organization. It was featured during the Japanese dubs very late in the F-Zero GP Legend anime, Falcon Densetsu. Such members that hang out there are Black Shadow, Zoda, clones of Blood Falcon, Octoman, Bio Rex, Baba, Haruka Misaki, Death Soldier, The Skull and occasionally Pico. There was also Don Genie and Deathborn; however, they were disguises, or shadows, made by Black Shadow. It can be a powerful ship next to the Falcon Flyer and the Galaxy Runner. Often times, Zoda's starship would be seen, till much later in the anime where you'd often see the Emperor of Brutality. Some people might mistake it as a planet of sorts and it is the same place where the Dark Reactor was made, codename: [ Reactormight].

At the heart of the lair is the Dark Reactor Core which utilizes the power of the three Dark Reactor Mights, as well as the Light counterparts Black Shadow's been looking for. Combined, it can incinerate the universe and help him rebuild it in total darkness. The mechanism spins rapidly and the track widens in an attempt to make Captain Falcon and Rick Wheeler fall into it. Fortunately, as Zoda gave him some encouragement, he used a Full Power Boost Fire which utterly destroyed the Reactor and the fortress from within! Black Shadow and Capt. Falcon were demolished on impact.


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